Sustainable Home Products

Sustainable Home Products can​ help to lower environmental impact​. They have features that are sustainable​ and/or deliver sustainable benefits​ to our customers​.

49.4% of Kingfisher Group​ sales came from products & services that help create a more sustainable home in 2023/24.​

Sustainable Home Product Guidelines

Kingfisher defines the criteria for Sustainable Home Products based on:

Sustainable Home Products integrate with our ambition to address climate change through reducing carbon emissions embodied in our products and​ emitted when our customers use and dispose of our products​.

Under each principle, there are Sustainability Attributes. Each attribute has detailed eligibility criteria, features and benefits derived from sources including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Science Based Targets Initiative.

As well as defining positive attributes, there are Watch List Attributes, specifying types of product​ that are sold but cannot be considered to be sustainable.

Assessing Sustainable Home Products 

We grade every product using the Sustainable Home Product​ Guidelines which define Sustainability Attributes.​

How products​ are assessed​?

How we decide which products meet the eligibility criteria?

Over time, Kingfisher banners and group sourcing​
are developing ranges that are more sustainable.​

Assessment is done by Offer & Sourcing’s Product​
Sustainability Team and validated by NGO Bioregional using the Sustainable Home Product Guidelines.​

Every year, the percentage of sales from products and services that meet these Guidelines is reported as a key part of Kingfisher’s Responsible Business strategy.​

All products and services are assessed, including vendor branded and banner sourced lines.​

The Guidelines are available online.

Reviewing Sustainable Home Guidelines

Sustainable Home Guidelines​ are updated​ every year to keep pace with changes in technology and in our understanding of sustainability issues.  Lighting illustrates this: