Green star products, by Kingfisher

We believe we should help our customers make a positive difference to their home. We think everyone deserves a healthier, more efficient home – one that’s comfortable to live in but uses fewer resources and costs less to run. We’re on a mission to help our customers lower their environmental impact.

It’s why, for decades,  we’ve focused on reducing the environmental impact of our products. Embedding best practices into our range design and development, creating products that are made from reduced impact materials or processes or designed to help people live with a reduced impact at home.  Already more than 47% of our sales are generated from Sustainable Home Products. Our ambition is to get to 60% by 2025.

As industry experts, we know the impact home improvement projects can have on the environment and can be confusing for our customers. We want to empower our customers with better information and greater choice.

That’s why we’ve created the green star product mark.

The green star mark will help make it easier to navigate and shop for products with a lower impact on the environment. The green star mark points to these products in store and online.

For example, on taps that reduce the flow to save water at home. LED Lightbulbs that save energy at home and last longer. And toolboxes that are partially made from post-consumer recycled plastics. 

As we all look at ways to contribute to a more sustainable future, we’re working hard to offer affordable products that can make useful differences. Sustainability is complex and it’s generally not possible to produce a product free from issues. The green star product mark is there to guide customers to help make more informed choices on the environmental impact of home improvement.


The green star product mark is designed to

  • signpost products that have a reduced impact on the environment
  • highlight why the product has a reduced environmental impact
  • help customers make informed environmental choices in home improvement.

Green star products are internally reviewed and externally certified before receiving the mark.

Many experts in their field work on the green star product marker, ensuring that the claims we make about each product are simple, easily understood and can be justified.

Green star products have a lower environmental impact because of what they are, what they do or how they've been made. 

Green star products are defined by 9 attributes which are split between 2 categories. 

Green star products are assessed against a set of criteria which is summarised in factsheets where we explain how the products are both internally and externally validated. These factsheets describe what the green star mark is, what the attributes mean and why they matter to our customers. 

Discover more by heading to each attribute and links to the relevant factsheets* below.

Products made from reduced impact materials or processes

Products designed to help people live with a reduced impact

We’ll keep working hard to help our customers make more informed choices by guiding them to help reduce the environmental impact of home improvement. 

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