We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable.

Our targets

  • 50% of sales to be from our Sustainable Home Products by the end of 2020/21.

Our progress

  • A greener, healthier home is one that is well insulated, energy efficient and affordable to run. It uses fewer, more planet-friendly and long-lasting materials, is free from harmful chemicals and is fitted out with quality, long- lasting products made in ways that are better for people and the planet. Outside the home in people’s gardens, this will include beautiful, naturally grown plants that provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife.
  • 42% of Group sales were from products that help create a more sustainable home in 2020/21. This is a 100% increase since 2011/12. 
  • We are currently working to update our target.

Our Sustainable Home Product principles 

Our industry-leading Sustainable Home Product principles help us improve the performance of our ranges so that customers will be able to choose any product they want and be confident it is as sustainable as possible.

Today, more of our lighting is LED, more of our paint is water based and more of our taps are water efficient. We have removed ortho phthalates from new vinyl flooring products, and discontinued metaldehyde slug pellets and products containing glyphosate.

Sustainable Home Products

Finding a sustainable product shouldn’t be difficult or cost more. That’s why sustainability is one of our five core design principles used in the development of our own exclusive product brand ranges, alongside price, quality, form and function. When we improve a product’s sustainability, we do not compromise on any of the other core design principles.

Reducing impacts from plastic

We want to reduce the amount of plastic used in our products and packaging and to ensure that any plastic we do use has a lower environmental footprint.

We aim to use at least 50 thousand tonnes of post-consumer recycled plastic per year by changing how we manufacture our products to make them more sustainable.

Sustainable packaging 

Packaging protects our products in store and in transit but can have a significant impact on the environment.

We have reviewed our packaging strategy for our own exclusive product brands during 2020/21 and introduced new targets;

  • At least 30% recycled content in plastic packaging by 2022.
  • Phase out non-recyclable plastic packaging such as PVC and expanded polystyrene by 2022.
  • Reduce plastic packaging by 25% (by weight) by 2025.
  • All paper and board used in packaging to be certified sustainably sourced by 2025.

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