We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable.

Our targets

  • 60% of Group sales to be from our Sustainable Home Products (SHP) by 2025, including 70% of sales for our own exclusive brand products (OEB).

Our FY23/24 progress

  • In FY23/24, £6.4 billion of sales, representing 49.4% of Group sales (FY22/23: 46.8%) were from SHP. In FY23/24, 60.1% of OEB product sales were from SHP (FY22/23: 56.4%).
  • Continued to embed environmental considerations at the core of our OEB proposition, from the product design to manufacturing. New ranges include the launch of MamaTerra by Verve, a range of garden feeds and plant protection sourced from nature, and Naturéa, Kingfisher’s first bio-based paint.
  • Launched our green star marker to make it easier for customers to identify and purchase products with a lower impact on the environment.
  • 10.1% of SHP sales came from energy and water saving products.


Sustainable Home Products

Finding a sustainable product shouldn’t be more difficult or cost more, and today, more of our compost is peat free more of our paint is water based and more of our power tools are energy efficient. 

49.4% of Kingfisher Group sales came from our Sustainable Home Products in 2023/24.

Our Sustainable Home Product guidelines reflects the latest sustainability knowledge. We use our Sustainable Home Product Guidelines to assess each product to see if it will help customers reduce their environmental impact.

Paint inspired by nature

We sell a lot of paint so improving the sustainability of our ranges remains a top priority. We’ve already significantly reduced the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint and this year we went further with the introduction of GoodHome Naturéa emulsion paint.

In Naturéa paint a significant portion of the resins usually derived from fossil fuels have been  replaced by biosourced resins. Resins are one of the main ingredients in paint and are used to hold the colour pigments together and help the paint to dry. Naturéa paint also contains minimal VOCs. It will be our first to display the new British Coatings Federation Trace VOC Globe demonstrating that it has a VOC content of less than 0.1% – helping to maintain good indoor air quality.

Packaging reduction and optimisation 

We’re improving the footprint of our packaging for Own Exclusive Brand products by:

  • Reducing the volume of packaging materials we use,
  • Ensuring our cardboard and fibre-based packaging is sustainably and responsibly sourced, and
  • Significantly reducing our use of plastics over the longer term.

We’ve made big strides in the last 24 months by analysing the materials that go into our packaging and how they’re sourced. We now have packaging data for about 75% of our product lines (up from 55% in 2021) and we’ll continue until we have a complete picture. The data analysed so far, covering our primary (product protection) and secondary packaging (in-transit protection), is changing our approach to driving continuous improvement. It provides much greater visibility of where we are using the most packaging and enabling us to identify priority packaging reduction opportunities.

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