Our Own Exclusive Brands drive our ambition to make better homes accessible to everyone. They provide a strong point of differentiation for our retail banners. Developing an industry-leading portfolio of own exclusive product ranges is a key part of the Powered by Kingfisher strategy. These brands now account for 45% of our £13.1bn annual sales*. 

Through our own branded products we address our customer needs with solutions which are only available through our banners. They are excellent value for money and deliver on quality, design, innovation, and sustainability.

*As at FY 2022/23

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Our Principles

Our brands and products follow the same principles. We are committed to simplifying our customers’ home improvement projects and solving their problems with innovative solutions. Our focus on the user and identifying where the real challenges lie means we are able to make better and more sustainable products, whilst maintaining affordability. 

Sustainability Affordability Innovation Simplicity

Our Product Development Approach


Everything we do starts with thorough research. We visit our customers’ homes and their sites to observe them completing projects and gain a deep understanding of their needs. This knowledge ensures our solutions solve real problems for our customers.

Test and Iterate

We believe in iterative design, constantly prototyping and testing our ideas, this allows us to learn fast and be agile in development. Our prototypes range from 3D printing that helps us validate an idea, up to a small production runs to understand how customers receive the product.


We design and develop solutions both ourselves and in collaboration with our partners, sharing knowledge and expertise to achieve better solutions for our customers in the most efficient way possible.


Examples of our product development approach

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