We will become a more inclusive company and one that better reflects the communities and customers we source from and serve. Our colleagues will feel empowered to be themselves, to feel at home with us, build new skills, progress in their careers and share in our successes.

Our targets

  • Develop an inclusivity action plan for each of our banners and Group functions in 2020/21.
  • Improve gender balance in management in 2020/21.
  • Provide five million hours of skills for life learning by 2025.

Our progress

  • Developed a Group-wide Inclusion and Diversity strategy and action plan approved by the Kingfisher Board, with each banner building its own inclusion and diversity plan.
  • Gender balance improved at Board level from 38% to 44% with a slight improvement in all managers from 35% to 36%. We have since updated our targets for 2025 to increase women in senior leadership to 35% and in management roles to 40%. 
  • Colleagues completed 3.27 million hours of training during 2020/21. From 2021, we will increase our focus on youth employability and social mobility.

Our People and Culture Plan

Our focus on inclusion is part of our People and Culture plan, developed with input from hundreds of our colleagues.

The plan has four key priorities:

  • Creating a balanced operating model.
  • Developing capabilities to fuel growth.
  • Creating an agile, inclusive culture led by trust.
  • Developing diverse leaders who inspire performance and pride.

Our Inclusion and Diversity strategy

Our Group-wide Inclusion and Diversity strategy and action plan is focused on four themes. It was developed by our People and Culture taskforce, a cross-section of representatives from around the business and included input from more colleagues via ‘listening sessions’.

Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team role models Inclusion & Diversity.

Representation and authentic sponsors of culture change.

A Culture of Inclusion

Our culture supports everyone to thrive and succeed.

Deep understanding of diverse groups to enhance the ‘lived experience’.

Customer Proposition

We commit to accessible and inclusive products, and multichannel experiences.

Inclusive, accessible design as a brand differentiator.

Learning for Life

Our impact on society is amplified through investing in skills and work experience.

Targeted initiatives focused on addressing disadvantaged youth unemployment.

Gender balance 

We are focused on enabling all colleagues, regardless of gender, race, background, or any other characteristics, to reach their full potential and believe that having a diverse workforce, with fair representation, is strategically important and generates value for all our stakeholders. Our data shows that our workforce is largely gender balanced overall but that women are under-represented at senior levels of executive leadership.

% of female colleagues based on headcount

  2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Total workforce  42% 42% 43%
All management  36% 35% 36%
Senior management 23% 24% 23%
Executive directors 18% 17% 17%
Board of Directors 55% 38% 44%

Skills for life

We offer a range of opportunities for colleagues to learn new skills and keep improving and growing. We offered over 2,300 apprenticeships in 2020/21 that help colleagues to gain new qualifications. From 2021, we will further increase our focus on initiatives that support youth employability and social mobility.

Colleague case studies