We will help tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions from our business, products and supply chains; and will become Forest Positive by 2025.

Our targets

  • 100% responsibly sourced wood and paper for our products and catalogues by 2025.
  • Become Forest Positive by 2025.
  • Deliver our science-based targets for 2025/26 to reduce Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 37.8% in absolute terms and Scope 3 by 40% per £m of turnover (compared with 2016/17 and 20117/18 respectively).
  • Reach net-zero emissions for our operations (scope 1 and 2) by the end of 2040. 

Our FY23/24 progress

  • Reduced scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 62.0% since FY16/17 exceeding our FY25/26 target. This excellent progress contributes to our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions for our operations by FY40/41.
  • On scope 3, we reduced the intensity of our emissions from the supply chain and customer use of products by 41.6% against a FY17/18 baseline, exceeding our 2025 target.
  • Responsibly sourced 96.6% of wood and paper used in products and 99.9% of catalogue paper in FY23/24.
  • Continued to invest in local forest partnerships, including B&Q and Screwfix extending their work with The Woodland Trust to restore, create and protect native woodland and forests in the UK.


Our ambition to become Forest Positive 

Forests are vital for the health of our planet, our communities and our homes. We’ve been working on responsible wood and paper sourcing since the early 1990s and now we’re going further, aiming to become Forest Positive.

As part of our ongoing journey to become Forest Positive, we are focusing on three main areas:

  • 100% responsibly sourced wood and paper across our business.
  • No deforestation through the other materials we use.
  • Protecting and restoring forests and supporting forest communities by investing in credible forest landscape initiatives.
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Helping tackle climate change with ambitious targets

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We will support global efforts to reach net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

We’ve cut operational carbon emissions by 62.0% since FY16/17. We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions for our operations (scope 1 and 2) by the end of 2040. A key driver for the sustained reductions in our operational emissions is the decarbonisation of our logistics network and switching to more efficient vehicles across our delivery fleets (e.g., Screwfix switching from diesel to hydrotreated vegetable oil, and Castorama France switching from diesel to biomethane). 

We have significantly reduced emissions from our property portfolio through the adoption of energy efficiency measures, including investing in on-site renewable energy and replacing gas and fossil fuel-based heating systems in our stores (e.g., the installation of air source heat pumps at Screwfix stores).

In FY23/24, we reduced the intensity of our scope 3 emissions from the supply chain and customer use of products by 41.6% since FY17/18, exceeding our 2025 target. This reduction in carbon emissions has been driven through a change in our sales mix, the decarbonisation of energy grids within our banner countries, and our continued work on vendor and product decarbonisation.

In FY23/23, we also became a founding member of a new collaborative taskforce, initiated by EDRA/GHIN (the global trade bodies for home improvement retailers), to help our sector reduce its scope 3 emissions.

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