We are striving for better homes for everyone in our communities. Everyone wants their home to be safe, warm and welcoming. Yet millions of people across Europe still live in homes which are unfit – too small, too dark, too cold, too damp – or experience homelessness. That’s why we’re committed to helping those most in need; giving our time, products and financial contributions.

Our target

  • Help more than two million people whose housing needs are greatest by 2025.

Our FY23/24 progress

  • Exceeded our 2025/26 target ahead of schedule, through strong performance and delivery from our banner Foundations. We will continue to track performance against this indicator.
  • Reached over 1.2 million people this year through community projects, bringing our total to 3.2 million people helped since 2016/17.
  • Supported global disaster relief efforts this year in Turkey, Syria, Morocco and Libya by donating £305,000 and products to charities such as the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), the Red Cross and Fondation de France.
  • Responded to local emergencies, such as flooding in Pas-de-Calais, France (Castorama) and storm damage in Loughborough, UK (B&Q).
  • Continued our partnerships with national charities in the UK, France and Romania.
  • Renewed our mission to more accurately reflect the diversity of our projects.


Our Charitable Partnerships

  • We continued our partnerships with national charities: Shelter, Childhood Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK, Fondation Abbé Pierre and Compagnons Bâtisseurs in France, and Habitat for Humanity in Romania.

Our foundations

Our network of foundations and charitable partnerships across our banners now covers the UK, France, Poland and Romania, supporting charities working to improve housing and community spaces. 

Community case studies