Everyone wants their home to be safe, warm and welcoming. Yet millions of people across Europe still live in homes which are unfit – too small, too dark, too cold, too damp – or experience homelessness. We want to help.

We will fight to fix bad housing – donating our products, expertise, funding and time to help people whose housing needs are greatest in the communities we serve.

Our target

  • Help more than two million people whose housing needs are greatest by 2025.

Our progress

  • In FY21/22, we invested £4 million in our communities, and our colleagues and customers raised an additional £2.8 million. We reached over 800,000 people through our charitable partnerships and banner Foundations.
  • This brings our total to over 1.5 million people helped since FY 16/17, putting us on track to achieve our target to help over 2 million people by FY 25/26. 

Our Charitable Partnerships

We have charitable partnerships with the national charities such as Shelter and Macmillan in the UK, La Fondation Abbé Pierre in France, and Habitat for Humanity in Romania and Poland.

Our foundations

Our network of foundations and charitable partnerships across our banners now covers the UK, France, Poland and Romania, supporting charities working to improve housing and community spaces. Two further foundations will be launched in 2021 for Brico Dépôt France and in Spain.

Community case studies