Everyone wants their home to be safe, warm and welcoming. Yet millions of people across Europe still live in homes which are unfit – too small, too dark, too cold, too damp – or experience homelessness. We want to help.

We will fight to fix bad housing – donating our products, expertise, funding and time to help people whose housing needs are greatest in the communities we serve.

Our targets

  • Help more than one million people whose housing needs are greatest by 2025.
  • Provide over 20,000 colleague volunteering hours to support housing and home improvement projects in 2020/21.

Our progress

We donate our products, our expertise and our time. Through our network of charitable foundations and group funding we donated £5.5m last year to fund home improvement projects and support Covid-19 relief efforts in our communities, of this, £2.7m was raised by our colleagues and customers.

In total we supported over 440 thousand vulnerable people last year. Since 2016/17 we have reached almost 800 thousand people towards our goal of one million by 2025. We will now aim to help over two million people by 2025.

Through campaigning, funding and working with NGO partners, businesses and governments, we will help more people know what it’s like to wake up in a home that’s safe, dry and warm. To wake up surrounded by the things they love and the colours they’ve chosen; to welcome family and friends to a home they feel proud of.

Our foundations

Our network of charitable foundations from our banners now covers the UK, France, Poland and Romania, supporting charities working to improve housing and community spaces. Two further foundations will be launched in 2021 for Brico Dépôt France and in Spain.

Community case studies