Material issues

Material issues

Our materiality assessment helps us to identify our most important Responsible Business issues, risks and opportunities, taking into account business priorities and the views of our stakeholders. It informs how we focus our resources, and what information we choose to include in our Responsible Business reporting.

Materiality refresh

In FY 22/23, we completed a full review of our materiality matrix and implemented the concept of double materiality, using two criteria when assessing the issues: the importance to our stakeholders and the significance of impact on our business.

To identify issues for assessment, we reviewed industry trends and risks, internal information and data, peer disclosure and media analysis. We also gathered stakeholder feedback via a series of internal and external (investor, NGO, supplier) interviews and online surveys to rank each issue’s relative importance.

The arrows on the matrix represent issues identified as rising in importance, showing a dynamic view of how material issues may change over time to become more impactful.

More information about our materiality assessment will be available when our Responsible Business Report FY22/23 is published in Q2 2023.