At Kingfisher, we are committed to doing everything we can to make a positive impact for society so that all our homes - including our communities - our forests and planet - can flourish.


Our four key priorities


We will become a more inclusive company


We will help tackle climate change and become Forest Positive


We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable


We will fight to fix bad housing

Our approach

We have been prioritising Responsible Business for over three decades – from prioritising the responsible sourcing of wood and paper, to creating more sustainable products for our customers, and establishing innovative charitable partnerships. Our Responsible Business priorities are underpinned by our commitment to our Fundamentals – the many issues and impacts we need to measure and manage to ensure we continue to operate responsibly across our business.

We will publish our Responsible Business Report 2023/24 in Q2 2024.


Responsible Business news


Our commitment to Responsible Business is integrated into our Powered by Kingfisher strategic plan, our risk management processes and governance structures.

Case studies