At Kingfisher we have been taking the lead on responsible business issues for over two decades – from our first responsible timber sourcing policy, published over 25 years ago, to our net positive commitments and championing of the circular economy. We want to make sustainability an easy choice for our customers and be a truly responsible business.

Our responsible business strategy

During 2019/20, we have revisited our Sustainable Growth plan, and are now focusing on our Responsible Business Strategy to understand how we can use our experience, scale and influence to go even further. You will be able to read more about this in our Responsible Business Report, which we will publish in August this year.

Our priority areas

We’ve identified four key priorities where we believe we can most help bring about positive change on some of the biggest challenges facing society. These will bring focus to our efforts and enable us to work together with our partners, our customers and 77,000 colleagues to further increase our impact.

We will be an inclusive company

We will fight to fix bad housing

We help make greener, healthier homes affordable

We will help tackle climate change and create more forests than we use

Reports & publications

We report our progress each year, being honest about our achievements and the set-backs we've experienced.


This section includes our latest sustainability report, ESG investor presentation, and other publications.


Our next Responsible Business report will be published in August