A Site workwear range that offers comfort, performance, usability and sustainability at an affordable price. The range has been driven by our customers, understanding their challenges and needs. In doing so, we’ve created a range that works within their challenging and changing environment.

Insights and Research

We conducted user interviews with our core customers across different trade professions to get an understanding of their complex needs and challenges. We understand that they are time poor, need to be adaptable to changing environments and respond to different and ever evolving needs.

Prototype and Refinement

Multiple rounds of sampling and refinement. Making sure pocket size, shape and position was optimal for user access and location of tools whilst performing wearer trials and fit studies for optimisation.

Design Proposal

At its core is to create a clear family of products, driven by functionality, comfort and protection. The range consists of clothing, footwear and PPE for pro users, trade customers and DIY’ers. We have aimed to create a range of workwear that is driven by consistency. Features and details have been carefully considered and continue throughout the range. Sustainability has been a core driver, replacing existing fabrics with sustainable materials such recycled polyester and cotton and in doing so, being the first to implement these changes on an affordable workwear range.

Customers must be ready for anything and so does their clothing. Environments can change in an instance, and they need to be able to adapt to these conditions. Our clothing has been designed with this flexibility in mind. Using breathable materials to keep temperatures low and flexible materials to allow customers to move. Tools and equipment need to be always accessible. We have designed pockets that fit for the customer's needs, making them accessible and responsive to their changing work environments.

Footwear is driven by safety. They need to protect the user from falling objects but also from penetration by sharp objects from below. This makes them awkward and heavy to walk in and increase discomfort. We have tried to use lightweight, breathable materials where possible, provide support where it matters around vulnerable areas whilst making them flexible and more reactive. Our designs incorporate innovative features such as ladder arch, which provides greater stability when using ascending and descending ladders and when using spades.

Other Products