Gunpo Cooling Fan

The GoodHome Gunpo fan is a functional product that answers to the customer need from summer to winter season. It allows the customer to compact and store their fan when they aren’t using it. And then to keep it safe and away from dust or damages.

Insights and Research

The cooling fan is used for 6 months in the year. During the winter season it's a cumbersome product, collecting dust and being damaged in a corner. After conducting insights analysis, we noticed that no solution was provided to the user when they aren't using the fan. Here was our design opportunity.

Prototype and Refinement 

With this statement in mind, with consideration of the assembly and the usage, we conducted a lot of research around how to provide a fully developed user experience. With an intense observation of the fan composition and several creativity sessions, we started to manipulate the fan component. The objective: being compact.

Design Proposal

A functional product that follows the customer need all year long. Gunpo has been conceived to answer the key user needs: efficiency, silent usage and storage solution. Throughout several prototypes and test sessions, we achieve to compact the fan and to store it. In the development process we had to be conscious of the technical constraints and to keep our solution efficient in use or stored.

Oscillating pedestal fan GoodHome Gunpo

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