Castorama France launches new brand campaign

With a new campaign that showcases its commitments in terms of sustainable development, Castorama reaffirms its desire to be the sign of positive and responsible change.

Our lives are constantly changing. And these changes always end up being reflected in our habitats. For more than 50 years, Castorama has been supporting the French in their life changes. In 2021, with its new signature "Changing makes us move forward", the brand has come to affirm its desire to make each of these changes an opportunity to live better at home and in a more responsible way. A commitment faithful to the values of the brand, which will be embodied from April 3 by a brand new advertising campaign, both impactful and touching. By articulating the film around its CSR actions, Castorama reaffirms its ambition to support sustainable consumption and the development of more sustainable and ecological homes.

6 commitments to support responsible consumption by the French

For many years, Castorama has been committed to a more environmentally friendly world and innovates to offer healthy, sustainable and resource-saving solutions. "Living better" at home rhymes with a more responsible attitude and houses closer to nature! Alongside the French, the brand supports them in this transition by offering product and service solutions to limit the impact of our consumption on the planet. Like the "Bon+Bon" selection of sustainable products, Castorama is pursuing its sustainable development initiatives in 2022, structured around 6 commitments, in order to best advise the French and meet their environmental concerns.

  1. Water savings: with a variety of products and solutions to reduce water consumption, such as the ranges of mixer taps that reduce it by up to 40% while keeping a good pressure.
  2. Energy savings: through products and solutions that save up to 30% of energy.
  3. Sustainable wood: at Castorama, nearly 100% of the wood used in the products comes from sustainably managed forests.
  4. The circular economy: Castorama is committed to giving a second life to 200 tons of clothing each year and creates Métisse insulation, which supplies 148 solidarity jobs in France. Castorama offers its customers to consume differently through its online store of refurbished electrical and electronic products, in partnership with Back Market, the European leader in the sector and the company Cordon Group, French specialist in the repair and renovation of electronic products.
  5. Diversity: for Castorama, diversity is an opportunity, nearly 42% of women work at Castorama and 40.6% in management positions.
  6. Communities: through the Castorama Foundation, the brand has supported 26 associations since its creation and more than 37,000 people benefited from its support in 20211.


"Helping our customers live more responsibly is a major pillar of our CSR strategy, as are our fights for inclusion, the preservation of the planet and forests and the fight against poor housing. We are proud to defend these commitments, carried by our colleagues on a daily basis, and to share them with our customers, in a positive approach." says Anne-Virginie Dissard, Corporate Communication and CSR Director at Kingfisher France.

What if we started to change together!

The beaver, Castorama's favorite animal, is back on the front of the stage! Present at the heart of the brand's DNA, this animal, the only mammal with man to constantly improve its habitat, had made it possible to address in 2021, with a funny and surprising tone, the issues related to the change of life.

From April 4, 22, Castorama returns to the screens with a new film, funny and moving, to reveal the responsible commitment of the brand. This new opus is rooted in real life, with a simple, funny, complicit tone, and celebrates positive change in all humility! The beaver, enterprising, always ready to act, never discouraged sounds more than ever obvious for this new campaign. Better, he embodies the employees of the brand, the first actors of change. These women and men who are committed to advising and accompanying the French on a daily basis in their transition to a more sustainable and ecological home, little by little, gesture after gesture. 

To reveal this new chapter in the life of the brand, the Publicis agency worked with the famous advertising director James Rouse. Awarded many times, and notably recognized for the Harvey Nicols campaigns, Marmite, he is the winner of two Grands Prix du cinéma in Cannes, the "British Arrows Commercial of the Year", not to mention many Golden Lions and Arrow. His film "Mog" for Sainsbury's even won the Christmas Award and remains since its release the most watched holiday advertisement in the UK. Alongside Castorama, he woke up the beaver a year later and brilliantly brought to life Remi, this rather peculiar collaborator with a funny look and attitude.

In line with its responsible commitments, the new Castorama campaign took place in sustainable filming conditions:

  • A production made in France in Marseille to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Filming carried out in natural settings, giving priority to natural light
  • Special attention to energy savings with more than half of the film made without a generator set

"We want to be the go-to for all optimists who believe that every change in life is an opportunity to live better at home. This film perfectly illustrates our humble posture and our ability to propose concrete solutions that meet the desire of 90% of French people who consider it important to invest in a sustainable and ecological home. But above all, it honors our 12,000 employees, the first actors of change, who every day are at the side of our customers to together, change and move forward sustainably ," says Jérôme Deligne, Marketing Director Communication & Media at

A campaign supported by an ambitious communication system

Driven by a large-scale multi-screen media plan, with a strong presence in TV, Social and Cinema, Castorama unveils its new campaign from Sunday, April 3, 2022 on screens (TF1 20:40 and M6 21:12). To discover, a film of brand of 45 seconds, declined in 30 seconds. Also, a film honoring the projects in the garden in 20 and 15 seconds format. No less than 2200 spots will be broadcast on this wave.

The campaign will also be available throughout the digital ecosystem, on many sites with high traffic to targeted audiences. Social networks are also activated to make the positive and responsible message of the brand reason. The brand's 92 stores and also dress in the colors of the countryside. Finally, an internal engagement plan has been initiated with the company's 12,000 colleagues in favor of the positive and responsible transition for them and for all their customers!


About Castorama

Castorama is a brand of the Kingfisher group, an international DIY and home improvement company, with more than 12,000 employees and 92 stores in France. Change moves us forward. Our vision of change is at the heart of our commitment: to make every change in life an opportunity to make life better. We accompany the French in a positive and responsible way in their changing lives. We help them live better and move towards a healthier and more sustainable habitat. For more information,

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