Castorama Poland swaps plants for electrical waste

Castorama Poland is helping its customers to safely dispose of old electrical appliances with a convenient, store-wide take-back scheme. All electrical and battery-operated items are included, no matter where they were bought, such as washing machines, refrigerators, phones, power tools, kitchen appliances and computers. Customers can take them to their local store and receive heather plants in return.

Electrical items cannot be thrown away with household rubbish, and larger items especially can be difficult to transport to municipal recycling centres. The take-back scheme therefore helps divert electrical waste away from landfill sites or from being illegally dumped in other public spaces. It also supports recycling, as the appliances are taken away to be either refurbished or taken apart so that the component materials can be used again.

Due to its popularity in previous years, Castorama has expanded the scheme to all of its 82 stores this year and expects to give out 400,000 plants in return for its customers’ old appliances.