FY 19/20 Technical guidance

Employees, new stores and space growth:

At 31 Jul 2019
Store Numbers
At 31 Jul 2019
Sales area(1)(000s m2) at 31 Jul 2019 Net new stores
FY 19/20
Space % change
FY 19/20
B&Q UK & Ireland 16,382 296 2,205 - (1)%
Screwfix UK & Ireland 8,394 643 41 55 +10%
UK & Ireland 24,776 939 2,246 55 -
Castorama 11,583 101 1,250 - (1)%
Brico Dépôt 7,783 123 850 (2) -
France 19,366 224 2,100 (2) (1)%
Iberia(2) 2,000 31 195 - -
Poland 11,475 78 679 4 +6%
Romania 2,321 35 253 (3) (7)%
Russia 2,931 19 198 (2) (10)%
Screwfix Germany 20 - - (19) n.a.
Other International 18,747 163 1,325 (20) -
Total 62,889 1,326 5,671 33 -
(1)    Screwfix sales area relates to the front of counter area of an outlet
(2)    Brico Dépôt Spain & Portugal

Income statement:

  • Sales outlook:
    • UK – expect continuation of softer market backdrop and range disruption
    • France – expect Castorama to continue to underperform the home improvement market; ongoing impact from reduction in promotional activity at Brico Dépôt
    • Poland – continued impact from Sunday trading restrictions (three non-trading Sundays from January 2019, previously two; four non-trading Sundays from January 2020); softer overall market outlook
  • Continue to expect full year gross margin % after clearance to be flat(3)
    • c. £30-35m incremental clearance costs (previously £25-30m), including B&Q kitchens in H2 19/20
  • Central costs expected to be up to c. £55m (previously c. £50m)
  • Total transformation costs over five years to FY 20/21 expected to be less than £800m
    • Transformation P&L costs in FY 19/20 expected to be c.£40-45m (previously £50-60m)
    • Transformation exceptional costs in FY 19/20 expected to be minimal (previously up to c.£40m)
  • Group adjusted effective tax rate expected to be around 26-27%(4)
  • Tax: Kingfisher has concluded a final settlement with the French Tax Authority (FTA) regarding the treatment of interest paid since FY 09/10. A contingent liability for €101m (£92m) was disclosed in Kingfisher’s FY 19/20 interim condensed financial statements with respect to this matter related to the periods FY 09/10 to FY 11/12. At the end of Q3 19/20, Kingfisher was given the opportunity by the FTA to settle for all periods under review (FY 09/10 to FY 18/19). Subsequently, discussions have been held with the FTA to reach a comprehensive settlement. The P&L and cash impacts of the settlement are c.€90m (c.£80m) and will be paid, and recorded as an exceptional charge, in FY 19/20

Cash flow:

  • Continue to expect total capex (including transformation) of up to c. £375m
  • 15 store closures over next 18 months, including 11 in France; cash costs expected to be covered by store disposal proceeds
(3) Gross margin % movement excluding Russia and Iberia
(4) Subject to the blend of profit within the companies' various jurisdictions, as well as the timing of exits from Russia and Iberia

Forward-looking statements

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