FY 2020/21 Technical guidance

Income statement:

  • Sales outlook
    • Uncertainty over COVID-19 and the impact of temporary lockdown restrictions in most of our markets continue to limit our visibility
  •  Costs
    • Anticipate that FY 20/21 adjusted profit before tax will include c.£175m of temporary cost savings (including government support measures and other non-recurring cost savings), net of any one-off COVID-related costs
    • COVID-related costs(1) – expected to be c.£45m (previous guidance c.£40m), which includes one-off and recurring elements
    • UK business rates – payment relief for parts of the UK, effective for 20/21 tax year. c.£130m of Kingfisher’s annual business rates bill is eligible for this relief, of which c.£110m falls in FY 20/21
    • Furlough – no claims under furlough programmes in the UK (including the Job Retention Bonus) and France since 1 July; repaid UK furlough benefit received in H1 20/21 (c.£23m) in November 2020
    • Central costs – expected to be c.£58m (previous guidance c.£58-60m; FY 19/20: £62m)
  •  Net finance costs
    • Expected to be in line with prior year (FY 19/20: £173m, before exceptional items) due to incremental financing costs for PGE, CCFF and RCFs, offset by impact of reduced lease liability
  • Tax rate
    • Group adjusted effective tax rate expected to be c.23%(2) (previous guidance c.24%; FY 19/20: 26%)
  • Exceptional items
    • Expect to record c.£15-20m of restructuring costs in H2 20/21 in relation to the Group’s proposed new commercial operating model (as announced in September 2020)

Cash flow:

  • PGE – subject to circumstances and certain conditions being met, the Group is considering a repayment of the c.£542m French Term facility in Q4 20/21
  • Working capital – anticipate continued rebuild of inventory and reversal of H1 20/21 creditor positions through H2 20/21
  • Capital expenditure – gross capex of c.£280m (previous guidance up to c.£300m; FY 19/20: £342m); c.£70m of further expenditure deferred into FY 21/22
  • Tax – incremental one-off cash impact this year of c.£50m from HMRC accelerated UK corporation tax payments (previous guidance c.£45-50m)

Previously announced 11 store closures in France

  • All 11 stores now closed:
    • 3 stores closed in France (1 Castorama, 2 Brico Dépôt) in H2 19/20
    • 4 Castorama stores closed in H1 20/21
    • 4 further Castorama stores closed in H2 20/21 to date, of which 2 are to be converted to Brico Dépôt stores (opening next year)    
  • All cash costs of closures in FY 20/21 fully provided for in previous periods


(1) Includes costs of PPE and social distancing, donations, new store layouts, additional store security, and bonuses to frontline store staff.

(2) Subject to the blend of profit within the companies’ various jurisdictions.

Information correct as at 19 November 2020.

Forward-looking statements

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