ESG investors

Our approach

We have been working on Responsible Business issues for nearly three decades, helping to pioneer new approaches, from the responsible sourcing of wood and paper, to innovative charitable partnerships and creating products for our customers that help them afford greener, healthier homes.

For an overview of Responsible Business at Kingfisher for our investor audiences, download our investor presentation below.

Governance of Responsible Business

Responsible Business Committee (RBC)

  • Formed in 2020, the Committee is chaired by a non-exec director (NED) and its members include Kingfisher’s CEO, Chief Offer & Sourcing Officer, Chief People Officer, another NED, and Screwfix’s CEO.
  • Meeting at least twice a year, the RBC leads and oversees delivery of how we operate as a Responsible Business.

Group Climate Committee

  • Formed in 2022, the Group Climate Committee oversees Kingfisher’s progress against the group emissions reduction targets, processes for assessing and managing climate-related risks and disclosures.
  • The Committee is chaired by Kingfisher's CEO, and includes the Kingfisher’s Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, and a banner CEO (currently Castorama Poland). The committee meets quarterly and reports to the RBC and Group Executive.

Executive remuneration linked to ESG measurees

  • Responsible Business measures are integrated into our long-term incentive plan (known as the Kingfisher Performance Share Plan), which is granted to members of our senior leadership team.
  • Responsible Business measures form part of the performance conditions which determine the vesting of award of this plan. This includes a 25% weighting on ESG measures.

Risk management

  • Significant risks are included in our Responsible Business risk register.
  • Policies are reviewed and approved annually by our Group Executive.
  • Publish key policies on our website.
  • Material issues are assessed to identify our most important Responsible Business issues, risks, and opportunities.

Our four key priorities

Our Responsible Business strategy focuses on the four priorities where we can best use our experience, scale and influence to bring about positive change in our business for our customers, supply chain, society and beyond.


We will be a more inclusive company 


We will help tackle climate change and become Forest Positive


We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable  


We will fight to fix bad housing