Terms of reference

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Matters Reserved for the Board PDF
Group Executive PDF
Audit Committee PDF
Remuneration Committee PDF
Nomination Committee PDF
Responsible Business PDF

Roles of the Directors and Company Secretary

The Chair of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Independent Director also have defined roles and responsibilities, the scope of which are set out in writing, in line with the Code. As a matter of good governance, the Board has also defined in writing the roles and responsibilities of a Non-Executive Director and the Company Secretary. Each is available below:

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Role of the Chair of the Board PDF
Role of the Chief Executive Officer PDF
Role of Senior Independent Director PDF
Role of a Non-Executive Director PDF
Role of the Company Secretary PDF

Board Inclusion and Diversity

Kingfisher believes in the value of inclusion and diversity throughout the company. It is Kingfisher’s policy to maintain and develop the diversity of its Board of Directors without compromising on the calibre of new directors appointed and for it to operate within an inclusive environment where all Board members can fully contribute, be listened to and do their personal best. Our policy on Board Inclusion and Diversity sets out the approach to diversity and inclusion in respect of the Board of Directors of Kingfisher plc.