Our business model

We offer own and vendor branded home improvement products and services to consumers and trade professionals across our 2,000 stores, via our e-commerce channels and through our franchise and joint venture partners.

By delivering our strategy and operating as a responsible business, we create sustainable value for our customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers and wider society.  

Our key resources

Our people and culture

Over 78,000 engaged colleagues with the right skills to serve customers.

Our financial strength and scale

£13 billion of sales in eight countries; collective buying scale.

Our diverse and trusted retail banners

Distinct retail banners which address diverse customer needs, with different models, strong customer relationships and a clear positioning and plan.

Our market-leading positions

Our retail banners occupy number one or number two positions in all our key markets.

Our channels

Network of over 2,000 stores, strong e-commerce capabilities, as well as franchise and joint venture partners.

Our own exclusive brands

Our own exclusive brands (OEB) allow our banners to offer differentiated products in terms of design, functionality, sustainability and value for money.

Our supplier relationships

Close collaboration with our suppliers to bring the best home improvement products to our customers at great prices, while ensuring they meet our ethical standards.

Our industry-leading Responsible Business practices

Longstanding commitment to make a positive impact for communities, colleagues, customers and the planet.

How do we create value?

Our leading retail banners serve different customer needs within their markets. They offer product ranges and services that meet these distinct needs through their own commercial approach and business model. As trusted brands, they connect with customers and drive loyalty. They are powered by the scale, strength and expertise of the Kingfisher group.

Benefits brought by the Group include sourcing and buying, differentiated OEB, technology and partnerships capability, shared services and Centres of Excellence. The Group is underpinned by a common culture and values, including a shared commitment to responsible business practices

                        1 Kingfisher has ‘Centres of Excellence’ in supply chain, trade, compact stores, customer services, data, and e-commerce & marketplace

Sourcing and buying, delivering lower cost prices across all products (OEB and brands).

Technology and product, providing all our banners with access to the best technologies and complementary partnerships.

Shared services and lower-cost functions.

Centres of Excellence, to set strategy and targets, to share knowledge and best practices, to support implementation, and to help steer progress.

Culture and values, providing a framework for our core behaviours, values, and industry-leading responsible business practices.

Differentiated OEB, which are innovative and provide a key source of difference.

Who do we create value for?


Making better homes accessible for everyone; helping tradespeople to get their jobs done quickly and affordably.


Inclusive, rewarding work and careers, developing skills.

Communities and society

Operating as a responsible business, with strong community involvement.


Protecting and restoring natural resources, tackling climate change.


Growing the value of the company sustainably.


Sharing value in our supply chain.


Growing our business together with joint venture, franchise and marketplace partners.