About Koçtaş

Koçtaş, with nearly 30 years of experience, has become one of the leading companies in the retail sector, spreading its presence throughout Turkey with over 300 home improvement stores in more than 50 cities.

When launching its website in 2006 Koçtaş made itself accessible to everyone. In 2013, with Koçtaş Fix, it introduced the neighborhood store concept to Turkey, further enhancing the shopping experience with its various store formats. Additionally, embracing digital transformation, Koçtaş entered the e-commerce field, establishing itself as a pioneer not only in physical retail but also in e-commerce. In 2018, while opening its R&D center on one hand, Koçtaş also launched its mobile application, elevating the customer experience to the highest level with the innovations it offered. Positioned as a leader in the home improvement sector, Koçtaş continues to make a difference in living spaces with its extensive experience in multi-channel sales, retail stores, and e-commerce.

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