Women's Workwear

Performance, comfort, and empowerment are the driving forces behind the Site women's workwear

After the Site workwear launch in autumn 2022 where we started in-house design and development of this category of products, Kingfisher is taking an innovative step forward by introducing womenswear to the collection.

Our research highlighted that performance, comfort, and professionalism are paramount to our female customers. They don't necessarily seek distinctiveness from their male counterparts; rather, they desire workwear that caters for their needs – one that is fit for purpose, fits better, and instills confidence in them while working with clients or alongside their peers.

The Kingfisher teams worked closely with research participants throughout the design and sampling process. This collaborative effort ranged from tailoring sizes that matched different body shapes and establishing appropriate garment lengths. Guided by our design core principles, the teams worked together to develop a highly functional collection that prioritises ease and comfort while offering an improved fit.

Inspired by sportswear, and the idea of seamless transitions from workwear to leisurewear, the new line features flexible fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, and recycled materials. The initial launch comprises nine pieces in a simple yet practical colour palette; from sweatshirts and pocket trousers to jackets and a coverall. The collection also offers a wide range of sizes, ensuring ample choices for customers.

The new women’s workwear represents a significant shift towards inclusivity and empowerment in the industry. It aims to provide better representation and inspire more female professionals and DIYers.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey at Kingfisher, and we’re committed to expanding the Site collections – for both men and women.

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