Our plan

Transforming our business to become Net Positive is a challenging task, but by identifying priority issues and setting clear targets we can make more progress more quickly.

Our priorities

We have identified four priorities for our Group, areas that are closely connected with our business and where we can make a big difference: wood and paper, energy, products and innovation and communities.

For each pillar we have articulated a vision for the world, an aspiration for Kingfisher’s positive impact by 2050 and targets up to 2020 against which we will measure and report progress.

We also aim to improve our performance in three other areas: employees; suppliers and partners; and environment. Altogether we have 53 targets challenging targets to achieve by 2020.



Becoming Net Positive diagram: Timber, Energy, Innovation and Communities

Our Net Positive journey

We have a clear vision for how our business will look in 2050, but we don’t yet have all the answers for how we’ll get there.

We are taking a phased approach to our Net Positive journey. This will allow us to set realistic, achievable targets over shorter timeframes. We have a clear plan in place for the first phase, working towards our 2020 targets.

We are confident that as we learn and progress we will understand how to expand this approach for the next phase and will eventually know how to make our entire organisation Net Positive.

Conventional approach to date

Future Homes

Conventional approach to date

Reducing the environmental and social impact of our operations, and helping our customers to do the same in their homes through our products and services.

Pioneering Net Positive Projects

Positive Impact

Pioneering Net Positive projects

Rethinking four key pillars within our business model where we can have the biggest impact: timber, energy, innovation and communities. Our focus is on pioneering initiatives that will help us in becoming Net Positive in these areas or making a substantial step towards it.

Continuing to deliver leadership in reducing our impact elsewhere.

Net Positive tipping point

Positive Balance

Net Positive Tipping Point

Shifting the balance from projects that pilot a Net Positive approach to a business where Net Positive drives our decisions and actions.

The majority of new initiatives in the four pillars have a Net Positive impact, with exceptions only where this is technically or financially unfeasible.

Net Positive

Net Positive

Net Positive

Our business has a Net Positive effect in the areas of the four pillars.

By changing these, we expect to have learnt how to make our entire business Net Positive.

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