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Create a healthier home and connect
with nature

Health and wellbeing is a priority for everyone and there is great potential for homes and gardens to improve our customers’ wellbeing.

Our research shows a strong desire among customers to connect with nature and awareness of the health benefits to be gained. This was true even for people whose outdoor space at home is limited to a small window box.

Air quality inside and outside the home is also a growing concern for many customers. This is likely to increase as energy efficiency improvements make homes more airtight. Yet people lack information and often don’t know how to go about making improvements.

Our targets:

For our customers

20% of sales from products that enable customers to create safer, healthier homes and connect with nature by 2025

For our business

Achieve transparency of harmful chemicals in key supply chains by 2020, and phase out the highest priority hazardous and high-risk chemicals of concern and introduce five green substances by 2025.



Connect to nature and healthy home products accounted for 5% of sales in 2016/17.


Our target is 20% of sales by 2025

What we're doing

Helping customers create healthier homes and connect with nature

We offer many products that help customers live a healthier life at home by reducing exposure to pollutants, enabling more independent living, and protecting homes from climate change impacts. Our Connect to Nature products encourage customers to get outdoors, produce their own food and support wildlife in their gardens. Together these types of products accounted for around 5% of our sales in 2016 and we aim to increase this to 20% by 2025.

Phasing out high priority hazardous and high risk chemicals of concern

Many of our products have a chemical content, from paint and cleaning products to a hammer or a drill. While some chemicals are regulated under legislation such as EU REACH, many are not. We have already reduced the quantities of some potentially harmful chemicals in our products, such as significant reductions in the VOC content of our paints.

We have good information on the chemicals used in chemical-based products, such as paint or cleaning products. However, with thousands of other products in our ranges achieving full transparency will take time. We are conducting a hot-spotting exercise to identify priority supply chains, materials and product lines. By 2025, we will work with suppliers to phase out the highest priority chemicals of concern identified through our hot-spotting process.

There is huge potential from green chemistry – replacing potentially harmful substances with safer alternatives. We will start by replacing five substances with green alternatives, enabling customers to enjoy the same performance with fewer chemicals.

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