Live smarter by getting more from less,
re-using or using longer

Most people have never heard of the circular economy but they know they want quality products that are long-lasting, create less waste and are easy to recycle.

We have been integrating circular economy principles into our product design for many years working with partners including Bioregional and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. But we want to go further, focusing on solutions that reflect growing customer interest in smarter consumption.

In our business we are working to source our raw materials sustainably and to eliminate waste to landfill across all markets and increase recycling.

Our targets:

For our customers

Create 20 product ranges or services that help customers and our business get more from less, reuse or use longer by 2025.

For our business

Ensure sustainable management and efficient use of key resources by 2025 including 100% responsibly sourced wood and paper and peat-free bagged growing media by 2020.

Zero waste to landfill by 2020 and 90% of waste recycled by 2025.



of wood and paper in our products, catalogues and marketing materials is responsibly sourced


of UK the bagged growing media we sell is peat-free


in sales was generated in 2016/17 from our two product ranges that meet our Circular Product Design criteria

What we're doing

Products and services that help us all get more from less, reuse or use longer

We use our Principles for Circular Product Design to help us develop new products and services. These look at six impact areas, from materials that are easily and widely recycled to design for longevity, low energy and carbon and working conditions in the supply chain. We’re not restricting our work to products - often a service can be just as good or better for customers and have a lower impact than the product it replaces.

Sustainable management and efficient use of key resources

Sustainable sourcing is essential to protect important natural resources. Already, 96% of wood and paper in our products, catalogues and marketing materials is responsibly sourced and over 61% of UK the bagged growing media we sell is peat-free. Next we want to apply the lessons we’ve learned to other materials such as paint, plastics, ceramics, cement and plaster.

90% recycling and zero waste to landfill

Waste is a cost to our business and the environment. We already divert 74% of our waste from landfill and aim for zero waste by 2020. We have almost achieved this goal in the UK with Screwfix sending zero waste to landfill and B&Q at 99%.

NODS - a new type of decking

NODS decking is a new and popular product at Castorama France. It is more durable and more water resistant than conventional decking so easier for customers to look after and is 25% cheaper than comparable products.


What customers may not know is that NODS uses our own innovative material known as Infinite, which is made from waste plastics and wood from our business. So NODS isn’t just good for customers, it’s better for the environment too.

Customer benefit: a cheaper product, with a long guarantee, that is more water resistant and easier to look after

Sustainability benefit: reduces waste wood and timber from our business

Business benefit: a popular product that is selling well

Saving energy and water in action

Create a healthier home and connect with nature
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