Customers consistently tell us how important energy efficiency is to them. So we work hard to offer them the best range of energy-saving products. Highly energy-efficient LED bulbs make up 76% of our unified range, and we’ve lowered their prices too. Just one of many smart changes that add up to make a big difference: we’ve already saved our customers an estimated £840m in energy bills. That’s enough to power all the homes in Paris for over a year.

We’re leading by example and making our own properties more efficient, too. LED lighting has been installed in 41% of our estate, up from 27% last year, with an investment of £13.3 million to date.  We are installing on-site renewables to generate our own greener power. By April 2017, we had installed renewable energy generation at one headquarter's building, two stores and three distribution centres with plans underway for another three distribution centres and 12 stores during 2017.

Reducing energy use and cutting carbon emissions in our stores, offices and transport reduces our costs and enables us to play our part in tackling climate change - a major long-term threat to social and economic stability. We support strong government policy that facilitates the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Homes are zero carbon or net generators of energy


Every Kingfisher store and customer’s home is zero carbon or generates more energy than it consumes

2020 Targets

38 TWh of energy saved for customers;

45% reduction in energy intensity of our property



Reduction in customer energy use through sales of energy-saving products


We estimate that sales of our energy-saving products could save our customers almost £840 million every year


Reduction in our energy intensity since 2010/11

What we're doing

Becoming carbon positive, so that every Kingfisher store and customer's home will be either zero carbon or generate more energy than it consumes, is a challenging goal.

We'll know we've achieved this when a customer can visit any of our stores and be able to purchase all the products and services they need from us to create a zero carbon or carbon positive home.

Our energy saving products include insulation, draught-proofing and low energy lighting and appliances. We also offer advice and project planning tools to help with their energy efficiency projects and our companies are also launching installation services that make it easier for customers who want to save energy, without taking on the project themselves.

Our customers are now saving an estimated 12.8TWh of energy every year through the energy-saving products they've purchased from us. Since 2011/12, we estimate we have saved our customers over £840 million a year, based on the average UK household energy bill.

We are improving energy efficiency through building design, energy monitoring and management and upgrades to lighting and equipment. We have reduced energy intensity by 16.5% since 2010/11, achieving our milestone.

We work with NGOs, other businesses and governments to promote solutions that will speed up the transition to a low-carbon economy. For example, we worked with the Solar Trade Association to call on the UK government to reverse the increase in business rates on solar panels.

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