Wood and paper

Wood and paper are found in about a third of our products. Wood is a material that our customers love to use in their homes from wooden floors to garden furniture, and it plays an essential part in many home improvement projects.

For over twenty five years we’ve been working to make our wood and paper sourcing as sustainable as possible, so it’s even easier for customers to make a positive choice. Right now that’s around 96% of the wood and paper we sell, and it’s already reached 100% at B&Q.

As well as improving good practices today, we’re also sowing the seeds for all-round greener futures. We’re forging progressive partnerships that move the whole wood and paper industry towards responsible sourcing and sustainable forest management. We’ve teamed up with the RSPB and their Bird Life International partner, Burung Indonesia, to support efforts to restore 100,000 hectares of Indonesian rainforest. This joins our previous forestry projects in China, Poland, Spain and the UK, which have already benefited areas equivalent to 19,000 football pitches.

We have been working on responsible wood and paper sourcing for over 25 years and we aspire to a restorative approach – not only helping to prevent deforestation and ensuring responsible sourcing but working towards having a positive impact on forest ecosystems and people. We are looking both at our own sourcing and working with partners to help create positive change beyond our business.

As global demand for wood and paper grows our work will enable us to secure affordable long term supplies of this important raw material, establish sustainable local wood and paper supply chains and mitigate the impact of deforestation on climate change.



of wood and paper products responsibly sourced


hectares of forested areas have benefited from our forest projects so far


Global net reforestation


We create more forest than we use


100% responsibly sourced wood and paper in all our operations

Our work on sustainable wood and paper has been recognised with a number of awards and rankings including the Sustainable Standard-Setter award from the Rainforest Alliance, an A-rating in the CDP Forests Program, a top score in the WWF Furniture Report and Castorama France was ranked sixth out of 54 companies in the Baromètre PAP50 assessment for responsible paper sourcing.

What we're doing

Creating more forest than we use means we will help increase the social and environmental value of a forest area larger than that used for our business.

The first step is responsible sourcing because this means we can be confident the wood and paper we buy is not contributing to deforestation. All of our responsibly sourced wood and paper is independently audited by recognised certification schemes, like FSC and PEFC.

We've reached 96% responsibly sourced wood and paper in the products we sell. We're working towards 100%, enabling all our customers to make the sustainable choice every time they buy their wood and paper products from us. We're also making sure that any wood and paper used in our packaging, catalogues, stores, offices and construction projects is responsibly sourced too.

The second step is making a positive contribution to forests by supporting FSC certification, enhancing and restoring forests to benefit biodiversity, or planting more trees to expand forested areas.

We are supporting an innovative project in Sumatra, Indonesia aimed at protecting and restoring an area of over logged tropical forest almost the size of Greater London. The project, developed by RSPB and their Birdlife International partner Burung Indonesia, is the first of its kind in Indonesia. As well as restoring the forest and helping to protect endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, the project partners aim to improve livelihoods for local forest communities through the processing and sale of sustainable forest products. It will enable us to test a number of approaches in our work to have a Net Positive impact on forests while potentially creating sustainable future wood and paper supplies for our business. The Harapan Rainforest programme has shown positive results during the first year of Kingfisher support. For example, the incidence of forest fires has reduced by 75% and 135 hectares of cleared land has been replanted.

Our operating company forest projects have benefited forested areas covering at least 13,000 hectares (equivalent to 19,000 full sized football pitches) since 2013.

We're working with businesses, NGOs, governments and others to tackle the causes of deforestation and create positive change beyond our business. Our partners include: the British Retail Consortium’s Timber Working Group; European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition; FSC; PEFC; RSPB; Timber Retail Coalition; Transparent Forests, Value and Impact Analysis; CDP Forest Program; and WWF UK’s Forest Campaign.


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