Save money by saving energy and water

Saving energy and water is a priority for households across Europe. We know customers are motivated to improve energy and water efficiency but the process can be complicated.

By combining the best products with the right support and information we can help more customers cut energy use, reduce costs and make their home a better place to live. Our long term aspiration is to help customers have zero carbon or energy positive homes.

We’re also making progress in our own operations – reducing energy use and expenditure and working towards a substantial cut in our carbon footprint.

Our targets:

For our customers

Enable a 50% reduction in customer energy use through our products, services and advice by 2025.

Enable a 50% improvement in customer water efficiency through our products, services and advice by 2025.

For our business

Reduce absolute carbon emissions from buildings and transport by 25% from a 2010/11 baseline by 2020.





We have cut our absolute operational carbon footprint by 10% since 2010/11

What we’re doing

Helping customers to reduce their energy use

In 2016/17 our sales of energy saving products saved our customers enough energy to power 1.8 million homes (over the life time of the product). We will drive further improvements by increasing sales of energy saving products such as insulation and improving the efficiency of energy using products such as appliances.

Our target for 2025 is to bring our customers the products, services and advice they need to achieve a 50% reduction in their home energy use.

Improving customer water efficiency

Our ranges include water using products such as taps, toilets and appliances. We’ve established water efficiency best practice standards and 29% of our water using and saving products met these standards in 2016/17. Some parts of our business have gone further. In Screwfix, for example, 51% of water-using products sold met our standards.

With our new target, we are challenging ourselves to go further and to help customers to achieve up to a 50% reduction in home water use.

Reducing our own carbon footprint

We have cut our absolute operational carbon footprint by 10% since 2010/11 and aim for 25% by 2020. We’re focusing on improving energy efficiency, tackling emissions from transport and increasing on-site renewable generation. We have already moved to 100% purchased electricity from renewable sources in the UK (around 40% of our total electricity use) and will extend this to other markets.


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