Why Net Positive?

Net Positive is our sustainability ambition. It means transforming our business to have a restorative impact on the environment; innovating in our products and services to enable our customers to have more sustainable homes; and making a positive contribution to society and the communities in which we operate.

We aim to:

  • Have a positive impact on people and communities;
  • Be restorative to the environment;
  • Become carbon positive;
  • Waste nothing; and
  • Create wealth.

By becoming Net Positive we want to create positive change and grow our business so that our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities will all prosper.

Why do we need to be Net Positive?

The world faces unprecedented social and environmental challenges. Unemployment and inequality undermine quality of life and wellbeing for millions of people and pose risks for the resilience of communities around the world. The impacts of water scarcity, climate change and a growing and ageing population are putting pressure on food supplies, natural resources and infrastructure, with the potential to disrupt supply chains and destabilise economies. Technology has created an age of transparency, enabling greater scrutiny of corporate behaviour and contributing to rising expectations of the role of business in society.

These global trends are also changing the way our customers live, shop and work. Technology is enabling people to run their homes smarter, using less energy and creating less waste, while trends such as the sharing economy, are revolutionising the retail landscape. Changing demographics, increasing demand for resources and accelerating urbanisation, mean that for many housing is getting more expensive and smaller. In some countries, the population is ageing, there is a rise in single person households, and the cost of housing is increasing meaning that young people stay at home longer and homes are being used not only for living but working. People are increasingly feeling the impact of environmental changes, especially the scarcity of precious resources and the consequences of climate change.

The successful companies of the future will be those who respond to these external trends positively, adapting their business to meet changing customer and societal needs with fewer resources.

Our opportunity

Our business exists to help and inspire millions of people to create better homes and through doing so to improve their lives. Increasingly, a better home is more sustainable: one that is easier and healthier to live in; that is adaptable to our changing lifestyles and family needs; and that is less wasteful and more energy efficient.

As a home improvement company, we rely on energy and natural resources such as timber and water to serve our customers. We need stable and prosperous societies for our businesses to flourish. We can help our customers create better homes for the future.


Our long-term ambition is to create a positive impact in the wider world. We want to play our part in creating a society that is better for all. We can only do this by making sustainability part of every business decision we take. It is a great endeavour and I'm confident our new strategic direction for Kingfisher will enable us to achieve that.

Véronique Laury
Chief Executive Officer

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