60,000 people benefited from our community investment

teaming up to tackle
poor and unfit housing

That’s why we’ve set a target to help millions more people tackle poor and unfit housing by 2025. And why we’re teaming up with partners like the AbbĂ© Pierre Foundation and Shelter to make it happen.

60,000 people benefited from our community investment on projects relating to home improvement in 2018/19.

Now we’ve launched our GoodHome Foundation to help us reach even more people using our money, time, skills and products.

poor and unfit

Working with NGOs in
Poland such as Piękne
Anioły, to help improve
living conditions for people
in challenging

B&Q supporting
Shelter’s DIY Skills
Advisors to help
people who’ve

€250,000 to help
the Abbé Pierre
Foundation tackle
homelessness in

£3.98m donated via the
Screwfix Foundation
since 2013 to fix, repair,
maintain and improve
properties and facilities
for those in need

partnering with Shelter

Our partnership with Shelter is helping people who have been through very difficult experiences to have a home where they can feel safe and secure.

People like Sheila and her daughter who ended up homeless after fleeing an abusive relationship. With support from Shelter’s legal team, they were finally able to move into a new home and that’s when the DIY Skills Advisers, funded by B&Q, were there to help.

“Bekah’s visits always left me uplifted. She left my home with noticeable differences that really made a difference to my level of comfort and wellbeing.
I have learned DIY skills from Bekah that I can use if I need to, which is really good to know.”
- Sheila, Shelter client

Sheila, Shelter client

Bekah, one of Shelter’s DIY Skills Advisers, helped Sheila to construct new furniture, to fit shelves and decorate. In the process, Sheila learnt new skills and benefited from homewares donated by B&Q.

The people behind
our products

We want to make a difference to communities in our supply chain too – supporting the people who make our products, their families and neighbourhoods.

We’re testing out new approaches starting with a pilot project in our ceramics supply chain in Turkey aimed at boosting skills. 93 ceramics workers took part in the first few months completing modules on life and technical skills from communication, financial literacy and entrepreneurship to ceramics and craft skills, coding and computer literacy. The training also covered gender equality and sustainability.

Through the project we’ve also reached local high school students and teachers with a new training programme aimed at supporting future generations to develop life and technical skills.

We’re using what we’ve learnt from our pilot to increase our impact.