great results
without chemicals

Our Safe by Nature natural plant food is one such example. It uses organic ingredients to help customers grow beautiful flowers and nutritious vegetables, while improving soil health. Good for customers and good for the planet.

Other great alternatives to chemical products include wool mats and natural pellets that repel slugs while releasing nutrients into the soil, retaining moisture and protecting plants from weeds.

We removed neonicotinoid pesticides, chemicals that affect bee health, from our products several years ago and since 2018 all the flowering plants we sell in the UK are neonicotinoid-free too.

% of sales from products that connect with nature or provide a healthy home


how are we doing?

Nearly 9% of sales in 2018 came from products that help our customers have a healthy home or connect with nature.

That’s up from 5% in 2016.

Next, we’ll stop selling slug and snail products containing metaldehyde because it pollutes rivers and harms wildlife. We’re the first major retailer to make this commitment.

protecting nature
beyond the garden

It’s not just the nature on our doorsteps that we care about. We’re making sure the natural resources we use have been produced sustainably too.

We have been working on responsible timber sourcing for over 25 years and we were a founding partner to FSCĀ®. That means the wood and paper used in our products must be responsibly sourced from well-managed forests.

Phasing out peat from our garden ranges is also a priority. Like easyGrow – our bedding plants that replace peat with sustainable coir.