good paints for
a GoodHome

That’s why we’re very proud of our new GoodHome paint range – combining great quality, colours and value.

It’s been designed with sustainability in mind. All GoodHome paints must be water based with minimal VOCs. This means less smell, better air quality and no need to use harsh solvents to clean brushes and rollers.

A good result all round.

But we’re not stopping there. Our GoodHome air purifying white emulsion paint goes one step further – actually helping to improve air quality indoors.

can paint really
clean the air?

Our GoodHome air purifying white emulsion paint is applied just like a normal emulsion paint and looks as good as any paint in our ranges. Yet it also neutralises formaldehyde – a major cause of internal air pollution that’s found in many home furnishings and textiles.

we don’t have all
the answers yet

We can’t yet remove solvents from all types of paints we sell. For example, it’s much harder to create effective water-based alternatives for metallic and spray paints.

We’re working hard to find solutions and to keep improving our ranges.