Almost all basin taps have a max. flow of 8 litres per minute


saving water
in everyone’s home

We’re making water efficiency the standard on our new bathroom ranges. Almost all basin taps now have a maximum flow of 8 litres per minute. A big drop from up to 12 previously.

We’ve redesigned our toilets too so they’re water-efficient and include a dual flush. Next we’re looking at baths and showers to see how we can reduce water use without compromising on performance.

Altogether our customers can cut their water use by 42% through the products they buy from us.


of the kitchen and
bathroom basin taps
we sold in 2018/19
were water saving products

sustainability -
the easy choice

Sustainable living shouldn’t feel like hard work. We aim to make sustainability the easy choice for customers – by integrating it into the design of every range.

And we’re making progress. For example, 57% of the kitchen and bathroom basin taps we sold in 2018/19 were water saving products, more than double that of previous years.

Reduction in home energy use


cutting bills and
saving energy

An energy efficient home is more comfortable and more affordable to run. So it’s no surprise that saving energy at home is a top priority for many home improvers.

With our energy saving ranges, customers can create a home that’s warm in winter and cool in summer without high bills.

Last year, our products – from insulation to LED light bulbs – enabled customers to achieve a 32% reduction in home energy use.

Altogether, our customers will save an estimated 43 TWh of energy through the products and services purchased from us last year. That’s more electricity than Hong Kong uses in a year.

a warm home from
discarded clothes?

We’re focused on what goes into our products too.

Take our Métisse insulation. It’s not just great at keeping homes warm, it’s also helping us progress on our plan to become a more circular business – reducing and reusing resources.

Métisse is made from recycled textiles and clothes collected by a French social enterprise. Fabrics from recycling bins across France are sorted and those that can’t be reused are pulped into fibres and made into Métisse panels.

It is one of our five products and services that help customers and our business get more from less, reuse or use longer. Our target is 20 by 2025.