Press release:
Castorama France awarded prestigious ‘Label Égalité’

22 February 2012


Castorama France is the first mass-market retailer in France to be awarded the “Label Égalité” - a certification mark for equality granted by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Social Cohesion. The certification is awarded for three years and recognises the concrete initiatives in place at Castorama demonstrating and promoting equality between men and women in the workplace.

Castorama’s equality policy was started by the board almost ten years ago, and was further reinforced in 2009 by a “company agreement” in favour of equality and achieving a better balance of women in all types of role in the business.

“Achieving this label confirms the long-term commitment of our human resources policy on professional equality. It also confirms our approach and our commitment to innovation and progress,” said Sophie Vandecasteele, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Castorama France.

Initiatives in place include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting a gender mix at all levels of responsibility
  • Action for equal pay between men and women
  • Engaging employees, applicants and customers on workplace equality

Some numbers:

  • 43% of the 12,600 workforce are women
  • 38% of women are in management positions (23% in 2006) – objective 40% in 2012
  • 16 store managers are women (4 in 2006) with a third of women in training for new managers
  • 24% of women in sales roles (21% in 2006) – objective 30% in 2012
  • In two years 110 women who worked on the welcome-sales desk have been promoted to sales roles
  • 40% of total new hires and work-study placements are women

Castorama now has nearly 11,500 employees in over 100 stores and head office locations throughout France.