Press release:
Kingfisher wins Ethical Corporation Award for its work with BioRegional on eco products

5 May 2011


Kingfisher has won the award for ‘sustainability commercialised’ at the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards 2011. 

Jamie Lawrence, Interim Corporate Responsibility Manager, collecting the Sustainability Commercialised category award

Jamie Lawrence of Kingfisher and Hayley Bell of BioRegional collecting the award

 This prestigious accolade was for Kingfisher’s successful collaboration with sustainability experts BioRegional on eco products.

The ‘sustainability commercialised’ award recognises companies that can demonstrate how a sustainability-based innovation is becoming a mainstream part of their business. In 2010/11, Group sales of eco products totalled £1.1 billion – accounting for 10.5%1  of total retail sales across the Group. The total amount of eco product sales increased by 9% in 2010/11, exceeding the Group target of a 4% increase.

Kingfisher has worked in partnership with BioRegional to implement a robust verification process for its eco-product ranges across the Group. Building on work initiated at B&Q UK, the Kingfisher / BioRegional collaboration has gone on to create a ground-breaking international initiative that, in the absence of an industry-wide definition of an ‘eco-product’, is helping to set the pace globally for external verification of ‘eco’ claims.

1 Rounded up to 11% in the Kingfisher Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11


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