Press release:
Kingfisher’s work with the Timber Retail Coalition (TRC) wins public affairs award

25 November 2010


Kingfisher’s work with the Timber Retail Coalition (TRC) has won The John Antcliffe award for best public affairs at the CorpComms Awards 2010. This recognises the positive role that the TRC has played in supporting EU regulation to curb illegally harvested timber.

Kingfisher was instrumental in helping to set up the TRC with other major international retailers including Marks & Spencer, Carrefour and IKEA. The aim was to 'support measures to curb illegally harvested timber' and tackle 'global deforestation linked to climate change’.

The TRC is an example of an effective collaboration between retailers to back a major environmental reform. For example, a consultative document communicating the case for a ban provided a framework for meetings with policy makers.

On 8 July, the European Parliament passed legislation to ban the import and possession of illegal timber. 'Coalition may be the flavour of the day, but they proved it can really work to great effect,' said one of the award judges.

Kingfisher recognises the valuable contribution that has been made by all TRC members and is continuing to work with its TRC partners to ensure the effective implementation of legislation.