Press release:
Kingfisher awarded for sustainable timber sourcing at the FSC Global Partner Awards

24 September 2010


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Global Partner Awards recognise companies that promote responsible forest management through the FSC certification scheme. Kingfisher dominated the retail sector category, with awards given to the Kingfisher Group and three of its operating companies - Brico Dépôt Spain, Castorama France and Hornbach Germany.

FSC Global Awards 2010

 FSC Global Awards 2010

The Awards, a unique celebration of FSC’s growth and success over the past few years, were presented by FSC Director General, André Giacini de Freitas and Managing Director of FSC Global Development, Zoltan Paksy at a gala dinner in Bonn, Germany. Jamie Lawrence, Kingfisher timber adviser and Andreas Back, Hornbach were present at the evening to pick-up the awards.

Kingfisher’s businesses sell a high volume of timber and products made from or containing wood. B&Q UK, Kingfisher’s largest operating company, was one of the pioneers of sustainable timber sourcing, helping to set up the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in the early 1990s. Kingfisher is committed to building on this heritage by driving forward sustainable timber sourcing across the Group. The latest FSC Awards recognise progress across Kingfisher’s international operations.

The event was held on 24th September, the eve of the annual FSC Friday – a day dedicated to the celebration and promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.