Press release:
Kingfisher forms Timber Retail Coalition

6 April 2010


Ian Cheshire has invited IKEA, M&S and Carrefour to join with Kingfisher to form a ‘Timber Retail Coalition’ (TRC) to support measures to curb illegally harvested timber and ensure that EU regulations are effective and workable.

Through the TRC we will engage as positive discussion partners for the European Union’s (EU) proposal to introduce an EU wide regulation. We hope to offer our experience in due diligence systems (via the implementation of our timber policy standard) to ensure that the final text in the EU legislation is built on workable standards for all timber and wood products sold in the EU.

Ian Cheshire, Group CEO said: “Kingfisher is proud to have pioneered retailer initiatives on sustainable timber, led by B&Q UK’s efforts as a founding member of the Forest Stewardship Council. The TRC’s ultimate aim is to provide our customers with the reassurance that every single wood product they buy has been ethically sourced. We now need Brussels to take the action necessary to support this aim, by regulating against imports of illegal timber to the EU.”

The TRC urges the European Council and Parliament to agree a strong regulation by the end of 2010 to control the illegal timber and wood products trade within the EU. This trade has a devastating impact on people and nature, and undermines the long-term economic viability of responsible business practices. Europe has an important role to play in tackling the problem and European consumers want to know that their paper and wood products are not contributing to deforestation and climate change.