Press release:
Kingfisher Chief Executive launches The Carbon Trust “Best Advice” campaign

5 February 2010


Ian Cheshire, Kingfisher's Chief Executive, has helped launch a new campaign to persuade British companies to stop wasting energy. The "Best Advice" campaign aims to encourage businesses to cut their energy use through a Carbon Survey from the Carbon Trust.

The survey is available free of charge to businesses which spend between £50,000 and £3 million on energy each year. An energy expert conducts an onsite visit and provides a tailored energy-saving action plan.

Ian Cheshire said:
"It is simply good business sense to be smarter about the way we use energy. It cuts costs, makes us more efficient and improves our reputation with customers. I would encourage any business that has yet to embark on the energy efficiency journey to pick up the phone and book in a Carbon Trust survey. It is likely to be the best piece of free advice a business will get this year."

Kingfisher's UK operating company, B&Q UK, has significantly cut its energy costs and made a carbon saving of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 by working with the Carbon Trust since 2008. The company has engaged staff to save energy, and has also improved heating / lighting and made improvements to buildings.

The Carbon Trust estimates that British businesses are wasting more than £3 billion a year on energy that could be saved through simple, low cost, or no cost energy efficiency measures. Since 2005, Carbon Surveys have helped more than 15,000 businesses find ways to cut their costs.

It is estimated that energy prices may spike by 60% over the next seven years (source: Ofgem). According to new research released by the Carbon Trust, rising energy prices and higher taxes are the biggest worries facing British businesses in 2010 after the state of the economy. 61% of respondents in the survey of 700 businesses said they are worried about the unstable economy while around half (49%) said they worry about energy price hikes. The same number admitted to worrying about rises in tax. Forty per cent of businesses said that one of their new year resolutions was to reduce the amount of energy their business uses.

Further information:

Businesses that spend £50,000 or more on their energy consumption should visit or call 01865 885788.

A new online tutorial Cut Carbon, Cut Costs has been developed for businesses that spend less than £50,000. See

See climate change section of Kingfisher's CR Report for information on how Kingfisher is working to reduce energy use.