Driving our digital capability


“There is a significant opportunity to grow digital engagement with our customers and substantially increase sales”

Steve Willett
Chief Transformation Officer

Digital trends and disruptive technologies are transforming customer expectations.

Kingfisher believes there is a significant opportunity to grow digital engagement with our customers and substantially increase sales through a seamless and very strong omnichannel offer.

The home improvement industry lags behind other sectors in digital sales penetration with best in class retail today only achieving 5% of sales online. This reflects the complexity of home improvement projects and largely low levels of both customer knowledge and frequency of purchase. However, for the companies that have invested in digital, sales and digital penetration is growing quickly.

There is also a real opportunity to help more customers unlock more of their complex home improvement journeys by building a digital platform that will support them along the whole seven step journey.

For Kingfisher, the first opportunity, is to become brilliant at the basics. This means making the omnichannel offer of all our businesses as good as the best we have within our business, which is Screwfix (see case study).

Case study:
Brilliant basics

The start-point of the brilliant basics plan will be to use the omnichannel expertise of Screwfix to help bring all of Kingfisher’s businesses to a similar level.

As one of the best-in-class operators in digital retailing, Screwfix is well placed to provide the benchmark for Kingfisher’s digital plans. Screwfix has seen 26% annual growth in its website traffic, 99% annual sales growth in mobile and developed a ‘click & collect’ offer that means stock is available to customers in stores within five minutes of the order being placed.

The brilliant basics programme will involve improvements in areas such as the search functionality of Kingfisher’s websites, mobile technology, better product content information, an easier checkout experience, digital marketing and click & collect. These initiatives will drive web traffic and conversion, driving higher digital and also store sales and will be facilitated by the unified IT investment programme, currently being rolled out across Kingfisher.

Progress has already been made in this area with the launch of Castorama Russia’s new website, which is based on Screwfix’s international platform.

brillant basics diagram