Our transformation


In January 2016 we announced the detail of a five year transformation plan and gave clear long-term financial targets and strategic milestones for the first year (FY 2016/17).

Our transformation plan aims to deliver £500 million of sustainable profit uplift by year five, over and above ‘business as usual’. By this we mean that without the transformation we would expect performance to be broadly in line with the macroeconomic backdrop in our respective markets.

We will track our progress against a set of financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strategic milestones and we will update as we progress.

“We are radically reorganising for the first time to operate as ONE company to truly leverage the scale of the business.”

Véronique Laury

Our strategic pillars and targets

We have identified three strategic pillars on which we will focus our work, over and above business as usual. These are creating a unified, unique and leading home improvement offer, driving our digital capability and optimising our operational efficiency.

Creating a unified, unique & leading offer

£350m +

Expected to generate sustainable annual profit by end of year 5

Driving our digital capability

£50m +

Expected to generate sustainable annual profit by end of year 5

Optimising our operational efficiency


Expected to generate sustainable annual profit by end of year 5

  • Uplift broadly equates to 5% reduction in cost of goods sold; assumes higher sales from price reinvestment and a more unique and leading offer will be offset by range clearance and implementation costs
  • Very encouraging results from the first wave of our unified core essential offer
  • Consists of 2 programmes;
    • Investing in our core e-commerce platforms, leveraging our Screwfix best in class capability (‘Brilliant Basics’)
    • Building capability to enable us to unlock more of our customers’ complex home improvement journeys
  • Biggest opportunity is in unifying c.90% of £1.2 billion goods not for resale (GNFR) spend (combination of cost savings and working in a simpler, more effective way)


Sustainable annual
profit uplift