Our home improvement ecosystem


Our market is a large ecosystem, rather than traditional, separate segments.

home improvement circle diagram

Home Improvers

Our customers are the millions of home improvers who want to improve their homes; whether they be an owner or a renter, whether they live in a flat or a house, whether they have a garden or not. Some of them have home improvement skills, some don't. Some of them have money, some less so.

At Kingfisher, we stand for being for all home improvers. And they are many: three-quarters of the population of Europe visited a home improvement store last year(1).


Even if people desire to improve their homes, they are not always able, or they do not always want, to do it on their own. Outside help is often needed to get things done right, especially for bigger jobs or where people lack skills or confidence. This is when they call on their helpers. This could be the neighbour who does small jobs, the handy uncle who is willing to get involved, or the professional tradesperson.


At the heart of our customers' lives are their homes. People have an emotional connection with their home. It is where they raise their families, see their friends and express themselves. People undertake home improvement: because their family is changing, their life is changing and so their home needs to adapt and evolve; for functional reasons; and for aesthetic reasons.

The Tools

For most customers, the 'tools' of their home improvement project invariably start with digital, whether that be researching for ideas and inspiration, 'how to do it' videos or price comparisons. Home improvement is something that people want to feel and see. So the second 'tool' in home improvement projects is our stores.

(1) Kingfisher Usage and Attitudes survey by Harris Interactive-2015.