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In this section you will find information about what’s new at Kingfisher - from new products and services available to our customers, to new stores launched in the 10 countries in which we operate.

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​A good home is a sustainable home

At Kingfisher we believe a good home is a sustainable home. We aim to make sustainability the easy choice for our customers and part of the way we work everyday.

Our latest Sustainability Report shares our achievements so far and the challenges we’re working on.


More sustainable products

Our report shows that 32% of our sales – almost a third – now come from our sustainable home products – those that help customers create sustainable and good homes.

We aim to get to 50% so we’re integrating sustainability into our new products and ranges. Our report includes many recent examples including products that help customers save water and create a healthier more natural home and garden.

More sustainable operations

We’re also making progress in our business. For example, we’ve cut our carbon footprint by 16% and we’re installing renewables on many of our stores to generate our own green energy.

Get a quick insight into our performance on our highlights website or download our full sustainability report.

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