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We are basing everything we do on the reality of our customers’ lives.

Customer insights

The world around us is changing and this is having an important impact on the way our customers lead their lives. Many of these changes are driven by major, universal ‘mega-trends’. For example, globalisation is a fact of every-day life.

Major demographic changes are accelerating, and by 2050 two thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

Ageing populations are a feature of many of our markets and 30-45% in Western Europe are single households. And of course, digital technology is changing the way people buy, shop and research. Other trends also require us to rethink our business models. The concept of the sharing economy is developing fast, with sharing and exchanging now becoming more common as an alternative to simply buying products and services. In addition, scarcity of natural resources means that the cost of energy is a frequent concern for many people, with an estimated 11% of Europe’s population struggling to pay their energy bills.

Given all this change, Kingfisher needs to change too, alongside basing everything we do on the reality of our customers’ lives. Over the past year we have conducted research within 20,000 homes across Europe. This included visiting the homes of 3,000 people and having in-depth conversations with them about their homes. Based on this research we know that:

  • People are improving their homes with the same purpose – they want a home that is good to live in; 90% of people's happiness comes from having a home they love;
  • Customer needs are more similar than they are different. For example, in Kingfisher countries the average age of housing stock is between 50-60 years, and 74% of bathrooms are smaller than seven square meters. Home decoration tastes are also converging with, for example, a bathroom in France or Poland looking very similar to one in the UK;
  • most home improvers have limited resources and limited skills (see Average monthly income chart);
  • Customer home improvement journeys can be long and complex with many barriers and restraints. For example, a typical bathroom project can take up to seven months to finish and 39% of home improvers in France abandon their bathroom project well before completion.

Our home improvement ecosystem

Our market is a large ecosystem, rather than traditional, separate segments. Our customers are the millions of home improvers who want to improve their homes, whether they are owners or renters.

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Our home improvement ecosystem

A good home

We have developed a point of view about what a good home is, based on the research that we’ve been doing over the past year. These are the fundamental elements of the home that our customers tell us make it a good home. Our aim is to help them achieve it.

A good home

The customer journey

What is also clear is that, for most people, home improvement is a challenge. Customer journeys are often long and complex, with many barriers and constraints.

Based on our customer knowledge, we know that for all home improvement projects, there are seven common steps on the customer journey. Today we only play a small part in our customers' journeys, largely at the 'purchase' stage of the journey. Our aim is to better service the whole customer journey, which will ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and encourage more people do more home improvement projects.

The customer journey