Preliminary results for the year ended 29 January 2011


24 March 2011


Detailed 'Delivering Value Phase 1' Update

Progress to Date (Feb 2008 to Jan 2011) and Milestones for 2011/12

6. Growing Group sourcing

Progress to date

Direct sourcing shipments through the Kingfisher Sourcing Organisation (KSO) is now at US$1.3 billion per annum, up over 60% since 2007/08.

  • Extended the sourcing network to Brazil, Israel, Turkey and Vietnam taking the total network to 10 locations sourcing from 32 countries (25% of direct sourced suppliers being located outside of China)
  • Created core range catalogues to facilitate more cross-Group common sourcing
  • Established 10 'superbrands' to replace 150+ local own brands. This is a critical first step in enabling the development and roll out of group-wide common ranges in multi-lingual packaging

2011/12 milestones

  • Create a new group commercial organisation aligning our sourcing, own brand and innovation capabilities more closely
  • Finalise common range planning and range review alignment between B&Q UK and Castorama France
  • Commence roll-out of group-wide common ranges under the Blooma, Blyss and Verve 'superbrands'
  • Invest in an innovation and design team to increase product creation capability
  • Increase volume of direct sourced shipments by almost 15% to US$1.5 billion