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Talent development


B&Q employees

To ensure everyone feels able to do their best work, we continue to invest in learning and on-the-job training, as well as providing opportunities for colleagues to connect with customers as illustrated in these case studies and training programmes.

Case study: LEAD programme

Kingfisher’s LEAD programme, sponsored by our most senior leaders, is building a pipeline of talent for senior roles. 15 colleagues completed the first intake, with eight having already taken bigger roles within the company.

Another 24 high-performing managers joined the programme in December 2015 and are now building the leadership capabilities that will be essential for them to transition into more complex roles in the future.

Case study: Re-thinking customer service from a customer perspective

Castorama colleagues from multiple countries are talking to customers in their homes about the improvements they are carrying out. These visits help colleagues see first-hand our customers’ reality and the barriers to completing their home improvements. In Poland alone 10,000 colleagues visited customer homes in 2015. The project is providing insights that will inform future solutions and is building a great sense of camaraderie among colleagues as they work towards a common goal.

Training across Kingfisher

Castorama France

  • 57% of employees are using eLearning tools to develop themselves
  • More than 5,000 employees have received product training from our 12 regional training centres
  • Every new starter completes an induction programme called ‘Intégration’. It is a welcome toolkit designed to help them understand the company and is accessed via an online portal.
  • New Store Managers, Trading Managers and Supervisors have access to a 10- to 17- day training programme called 'Promo' to help them settle into their new role. Almost 300 managers participated in Promo in 2015 and we plan to give a further 300 managers access to the programmes.
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  • Creating leaders for the future is really important to the growth of B&Q; we offer Talent programmes called 'Aspire' within Retail & SSO (head office); with the aim of offering an accelerated career path to progress our high potential colleagues up to their next role in B&Q. The Retail programme is now in its fourth year and over 600 people have taken part, with over 75% of these colleagues having already secured the position they were aspiring to. The programme is open to 3 levels of Retail-based employees, from Customer Adviser through to Unit Manager. The SSO programme is in its first year and we now have over 100 SSO colleagues following one of the three pathways to choose from; becoming a line manager, increasing professional expertise and mastering management.
  • Creating a learning culture is at the heart of developing people to be the best they can be. Our online learning portal called B&Q Learning has given us the perfect platform to provide more exciting and engaging mobile learning content for our colleagues where and when they want to access it. There are a number of modules available with a growing uptake from colleagues. These are Décor; Seasonal; Building & TradePoint; and Kitchens & Bathrooms. All of these modules help our colleagues learn about product and creating a great experience for customers. We use the same platform to support our SSO colleagues with content for change programmes and new systems and processes. This gives our teams in SSO functions, such as Finance, instant access to a choice of “just in time” learning materials to help them deliver programmes such as the upgrade to our SAP template. We also have a new starter page tailored for Retail and SSO (head office), which offers an induction opportunity for new colleagues; this helps individuals to be engaged in B&Q and get to know more about the business before their first day at work.
  • We believe that the engagement and performance of our teams at B&Q are dependent on the capability of our line managers, so we have placed significant emphasis on supporting and developing them to be great line managers. This includes providing a clear framework of expectations, called 'The Great B&Q Manager' and provides tools, learning resources and support to deliver against these expectations.
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  • About 10% of the workforce are on fast-track management development programmes – leading to over 65% of management roles being filled from within the company.
  • All store employees are given the training they need to do their job in store, as well as product knowledge and regular updates on business performance.
  • For individuals who want to progress – irrespective of whether they work in store or head office – there is ample opportunity in this rapidly growing business. These opportunities are well supported by line management and through a sizeable number of technical, management and talent focused courses and programmes.
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Castorama Poland

  • All new Castorama Poland head office employees are offered a one week long store internship. Employees are given experience in each in-store department. The programme helps head office employees gain a better understanding of the core business, how the stores operate and helps to integrate store and head office staff.
  • Managers in Castorama Poland participate in the Leader’s DNA program where they develop their leadership skills. This program enables the participants to learn and experience the rules and practices that lead to greater accountability for achieving key results for the organization. The managers learn how to effectively identify the key expectations, how to motivate others, how to recognize and understand their own accountable management style.
  • In-store Customer Advisers can take part in sessions where they share knowledge and experience between them.
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Brico Dépôt France

  • Developing High Potential: Brico Dépôt France and Castorama France have designed a joint talent development programme, aimed at creating a common culture through sharing common experiences between the two French businesses. The programme focuses on soft skills development, such as understanding themselves and others, cooperation and competition and dealing with complexity.
  • Developing store management leadership:
    • A 6-day programme designed for in-store Supervisors helps them understand their part in the development and performance of the store, focussing on strategy, organisation and development.
    • A 7-day programme has been designed for Department Managers to reinforce their position as members of the store management team and to develop their personal leadership skills.
    • A programme for Store Managers has been developed to emphasize the strategic aspects of their role.
  • Learn2Lead programme: dedicated to Head Office senior management, this programme has been built as an open-minded journey:
    • Discovering different ways of Customer Relationship Management
    • Fostering a more collaborative cross-management style
    • Developing Innovation and Creativity within Head Office departments
  • Fostering mobility and equal professional opportunities: Our specific "mobility programme" has been updated this year to encourage more internal mobility between check-out and shop-floor roles. It is intended that it will facilitate access to shop-floor roles for women in particular.
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Castorama Russia

We have developed a course of continuous training, which includes three programmes:

  • START: aimed at supporting newcomers, helping them to settle into new roles. The programme gives an understanding of company roots, values, strategy, our customers, retail basics and DIY knowledge.
  • MOVE: aimed to develop experienced staff members and help them to progress in their day-to-day role. This is supported by a number of retail, product and management topics which are delivered in different ways: Master-classes, e-learning, internal and external training sessions and conferences.
  • FLY: aimed at growing talented employees, who are identified as ‘high potential’ and enabling career progression. Store employees of different levels can take part in the programme. In 2015 all 11 participants of the FLY programme were promoted to Store Director level.
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Brico Dépôt Iberia

  • Brico Dépôt Iberia has conducted 34,375 hours of training across all store and head office staff through the provision of 42 different courses in the last year.
  • Eight members of the store team, identified as showing strong potential, have gone through the "creando comercio" ("Creating Trade") training programme, which focusses on commercial issues and is a pathway for internal promotion.
  • Supporting the new strategy we trained our 1,800 employees in Customer Service and we provided product-specific courses to create 'experts assistants' in store for our customers.
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  • Koçtaş Leadership Platform is opened to all employees in managerial positions in stores and is focused on developing the leadership culture in the business. The 10-month programme includes modules centred on 'managing self', 'managing business' and 'managing teams'.

    A Follow-up Programme helps these participants identify the strengths and weaknesses of their leadership approaches by discussing their own leadership model. Once participants reveal their personal vision, they will define their road map and actions.
  • Customer advisers in Koçtaş stores have a development programme consisting of three phases: customer services training, technical product knowledge training (led by 78 internal product specialists); and understanding customer needs to contribute to the profitable growth and productivity of Koçtaş.
  • An induction programme has been established for newly promoted employees and store employees at all positions in their first 3 months, to ensure their full induction to the business and with the aim of increasing engagement. Employees receive support from a ‘Buddy’ and new Store Managers have the opportunity to present their first 100 days to the CEO and board members at the end of their induction programme.
  • Koçtaş Exploration Programme (Coaching Programme) is designed to support the needs of managers; enhance the engagement levels of new managers and executive candidates; and accelerate the induction of newly promoted employees. The objective is to support the identification of Koçtaş Future Leaders.
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