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Preliminary results for the year ended 29 January 2011


24 March 2011


Detailed 'Delivering Value Phase 1' Update

Progress to Date (Feb 2008 to Jan 2011) and Milestones for 2011/12

Sustainability update

Kingfisher is helping customers make their homes more sustainable at lower cost, whilst also making its own business more sustainable by reducing its environmental and social impact. Good progress was made against these objectives during the year including:

  • Sales of eco-products have increased from £700 million to £1.1 billion since 2008/09 when audited measurement of this KPI began. Sales of eco-products now represent over 10% of total sales
  • Initiatives to minimise our carbon footprint, including rolling out energy efficient lighting and installing new electricity, gas and water monitoring systems in stores, has helped reduce carbon emissions by 25% since 2007/08 when audited measurement of this KPI began
  • B&Q UK is now a recognised partner in the UK government's 'Green Deal' home energy refit scheme and has undertaken full 'eco refits' of over 60 homes so far to reduce their carbon emissions. B&Q also became one of the founding corporate partners in the Prince of Wales' Start initiative