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Interim results for the 26 weeks ended 31 July 2010


16 September 2010


Notes to the condensed consolidated financial statements (UNAUDITED)

for the 26 weeks ended 31 July 2010

3. Accounting policies

Except as described below, the accounting policies adopted are consistent with those of the annual financial statements for the year ended 30 January 2010, as described in Note 2 of those financial statements.

Taxes on income for interim periods are accrued using the tax rate that would be applicable to expected total annual earnings.

The following new standards and amendments to standards, which are mandatory for the first time for the financial year beginning 31 January 2010, are relevant for the Group:

IAS 27
Consolidated and separate financial statements Non-controlling interests Requires the effects of all transactions with non-controlling (minority) interests to be recorded in equity if there is no change in control. They will no longer result in goodwill or gains and losses. The amended standard also specifies the accounting when control is lost. Any remaining interest in the entity is remeasured to fair value and a gain or loss is recognised in profit or loss. The impact of this on the results presented has not been significant.
Business combinations Harmonises business combination accounting with US GAAP. The amended standard will continue to apply the acquisition method to business combinations, but with certain significant changes. All payments to purchase a business will be recorded at fair value at the acquisition date, with some contingent payments subsequently remeasured at fair value through income. Goodwill and non-controlling (minority) interests may be calculated on a gross or net basis. All transaction costs will be expensed. This has had no impact on the results presented.