Corporate Responsibility Report 2006/07


Kingfisher has set a number of specific environmental and social targets, in addition to its targets on implementation of the Steps programme. This is the first year the Group has set quantitative targets on energy, waste and timber. As a result, they have been set over a five year period to give operating companies time to make improvements.


  • Energy. Achieve a 10% reduction in store energy consumption per m2 of total sales area by 2011/12 against the 2006/07 baseline. In addition, Kingfisher is planning to set a greenhouse gas reduction target in 2007/08 as part of its work to develop a climate change strategy. A number of operating companies will set their own specific climate change targets during 2007.
  • Waste. Achieve a 10% reduction in tonnes of store waste disposed per £ of retail sales by 2011/12 against the 2006/07 baseline.
  • Timber. 75% of timber volume sold to be proven as well managed (Kingfisher’s three tiers of certification) or recycled by 2010/11.
  • Chemicals. All operating companies to have an ongoing programme to engage with vendors over the use of chemicals of concern (identified on Kingfisher’s Chemical Action List) by 2010/11.


  • Factory working conditions. Introduce a Group-wide vendor/factory assessment process to check compliance with the Kingfisher Code of Conduct on Factory Working Conditions in 2007/08.
  • Diversity. Develop guidance on diversity for operating companies in 2007/08.

These targets are designed to challenge the Group to improve performance. However, it can be difficult to forecast future performance and therefore they will be reviewed on an annual basis and adapted if necessary to ensure they remain challenging.

Developing a sustainability strategy for the future

Kingfisher recognises that global sustainability issues such as climate change and deforestation will require companies to change significantly the way they do business over the long-term. Therefore, Kingfisher has started to work with Forum for the Future to develop a sustainability strategy for the next decade.

As a first step, Forum for the Future facilitated a workshop for the Kingfisher Executive Committee in January 2007. The discussions focused on identifying what a sustainable business would look like in a changing society and the key priorities for the future. Forum for the Future is continuing to work with the Kingfisher CR team to develop a long-term sustainability strategy during 2007.