Corporate Responsibility Report 2006/07

About Kingfisher

Kingfisher is the leading home improvement retailer in Europe and Asia, and the third largest in the world. Kingfisher operates 720 stores in 11 countries. These include:

UK – 49% of retail sales


324 stores

B&Q logo


38 stores

Screwfix logo

Trade Depot

4 stores

Trade Depot logo

France – 34% of retail sales


98 stores

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Brico Dépôt

81 stores

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Rest of Europe – 12% of retail sales

Castorama Poland

34 stores

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Brico Dépôt Poland

1 store

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Castorama Italy

27 stores

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Brico Dépôt Spain

10 stores

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B&Q Ireland

7 stores

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Koçtaş Turkey

10 stores

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Castorama Russia

3 stores

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Kingfisher has a 21% stake in, and strategic alliance with, Hornbach, Germany’s leading DIY warehouse retailer which operates over 120 stores in Germany and seven neighbouring countries.

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Asia – 5% of retail sales

B&Q China

58 stores

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B&Q Taiwan

21 stores

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B&Q South Korea

2 stores

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See About this report for details of the scope of the data within this report.

Key figures 2005/06 2006/07
Retail sales (£ million) 8,010 8,676
Retail profit (£ million) 533.1 503.7
Employees (thousand full-time equivalents at year end) 65.9 69.9


  • Employee data includes operating companies and joint ventures (but excludes other administration functions)