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Kingfisher's customers are increasingly looking for new products, new services and new ways of shopping, all at great prices. We are making it easier for our customers to access new, good value, exclusive products for their homes, as well as innovative services that make their shopping experience as easy as possible, such as in-store DIY classes, online 3D kitchen planning and hourly van hire. We use customer insights to capture new ideas and changing preferences and share them between our businesses in order to remain at the forefront of home improvement innovation. The following pages give examples of innovation in our product ranges, stores and services.

A limited edition electronic drill

Limited edition drill

Screwfix launched an exclusive, limited edition black Makita drill, complete with unique numbered certificate for authenticity. Only 5,000 of the stylish 18V Li-ion drill drivers were produced, complete with distinctive white carry case. Price: £249.99

Turbo veg

Turbo Veg

After a successful trial in 2010 all B&Q UK stores will be selling Turbo Vegetable plants this year. They offer traditional heavy cropping and full flavoured varieties, grafted onto rootstock specially developed to resist pests and diseases, and give the plant extra vigour. This means the plants will yield approximately twice as much as a regular plant. There are 13 varieties of Turbo Veg (£3.98 per plant), including tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.

Blooma garden furniture

Blooma garden furniture

This spring saw the launch of the Blooma own-brand range of seasonal garden products at B&Q UK and Castorama France. This launch is part of Kingfisher's development of common ranges for sale across Europe in multi-lingual packaging. Others to be launched across the Group include Verve garden ranges, Cooke & Lewis kitchens and Form storage products. The 10 exclusive own-brands will replace around 150 own brands currently sold across the Group.

'Forest Friendly' logo

Responsibly sourced timber

In 2011 B&Q became the first major UK retailer to achieve the goal of buying all timber products from proven responsible sources. From garden furniture to kitchens, nearly 16,000 products at B&Q contain wood – either as whole timber or as an agglomerate. B&Q is committed to only buying products that are traceable to sources that have met legal, social and environmental standards that have been independently verified, or are recycled.

A sitting room

‘Paste the wall’ wallpaper

Part of B&Q UK's campaign to make home improvement easier for customers is to stock more products that are easier to use. One example is a wider range of 'paste-the-wall' wallpaper which has special backing so it can be hung dry from the roll. Pictured here is the Cocktail wallpaper from the B&Q Colours range. £11.98 a roll.

Man laying floor tiles


As part of its 'C'est Castoche' campaign to make home improvement easier, Castorama France launched a range of 'click-together' tiling which requires no grout. This range, together with its range of ultra thin tiles which can be laid on top of existing tiles, now accounts for 10% of Castorama's tile sales.

Composite fence panels

Composite fence panels

This new range of fencing, mixing composite and acrylic panels, was brought into Castorama France stores in 2010. Developed with the support of Kingfisher Sourcing Organisation, its elegance and simple functionality has proved very popular with customers.

Hand holding a Nomad lamp

Nomad lamp

This stylish, portable lamp, which is rechargeable, was launched by Castorama France. Called the Nomad lamp it can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in a choice of eight colours. Price: €89