As modern consumers become ever more demanding, simply having a good quality product at the right price is often no longer enough. Customers want newness, style and faster, easier ways to shop. The best retailers anticipate these trends and capitalise on them. Kingfisher has a good track record of innovation and the pace is increasing, particularly in our larger businesses which trade in more developed markets. In turn, they are sharing their best ideas with our smaller businesses. The following pages give examples of our innovation in products, stores and services.

Product innovation

With significant buying strength and a long-established network of international sourcing offices, Kingfisher is able to bring innovative products to a wider market at affordable prices. As well as all the best known home improvement brands, Kingfisher’s stores also stock a wide range of own-brands such as the Colours decorative products and MacAllister power tools.

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Full product list

  • Lighting

    01 Lighting

    The Alice Pendant chandelier at B&Q UK comes with interchangeable crystals, which enable you to coordinate it with your décor.
    Price: £149.

  • Paint

    02 Paint

    The Dulux Paint Pod has been one of the most popular products in the past year, with B&Q accounting for around 80% of all those sold in the UK. A labour-saving device that pumps paint into a roller, it is also self-cleaning.
    Price: £49.98.

  • Tiles

    03 Tiles

    Sketch floor tiles at B&Q UK contain liquid that moves with every step, creating a colour shifting effect. Available in eight colours.
    Price: £149.98 each.

  • Bathrooms

    04 Bathrooms

    Aqua Sense is B&Q’s most water-efficient bathroom suite. Its bath and basin have lower bowl capabilities. The toilet has been awarded the Waterwise Marque as it uses just four litres of water per flush and 2.6 litres per half flush. In an average household these measures can save 8,760 litres of water every year.

  • Kitchens

    05 Kitchens

    The Cooke & Lewis range of stylish kitchens was launched at B&Q UK in November. With rounded cabinetry the kitchens are exclusive to B&Q, and include this High Gloss Cream Kitchen with Aubergine Accent Doors.

  • Loft insulation

    06 Loft insulation

    In February B&Q UK launched a special offer on loft insulation, priced at just £1 per roll. A million rolls were sold in just three weeks, helping a typical homeowner to save £200 a year on energy bills.

  • Wallpaper

    07 Wallpaper

    New ranges of designer wallpapers available at B&Q UK include this example from Sophie Conran. Prices from £24.98 per roll.

  • Woodscrews

    08 Woodscrews

    In March 2009 Screwfix launched fischer’s first ever range of woodscrews, with exclusive rights for a year. The innovative Power-Fast® screw has been specially designed for optimum strength and performance, reducing wood splitting. Prices from £2.06 for a pack of 200 3.5 x 16mm screws.

  • Energy saving multi-sockets

    09 Energy saving multi-sockets

    This eco-device at Castorama France is fitted with eight sockets including five ‘intelligent’ sockets which automatically switch off standby products after three minutes. The three remaining sockets can be left switched on, ideal for internet and television use.

  • Skirting boards

    10 Skirting boards

    At Castorama Poland these NG70 skirting boards from Salag are clipped together in parts, removing the need to unscrew the boards when decorating. The deep chambers work around irregularities in floor and wall surfaces and conceal cables and wires.

  • Basin mixers

    11 Basin mixers

    With its contemporary sleek lines and distinctive design work, the LED light-emitting basin mixer at Castorama France is a new addition to its bathroom collection.