‘Powered by Kingfisher’ – our strategic direction

In June 2020 Kingfisher announced its new strategic direction for the business. Under the new strategic plan, ‘Powered by Kingfisher’ the business will utilise its core strengths and commercial assets, and ‘power’ its distinct retail banners to address the significant growth opportunities that exist within the home improvement market, returning the business to growth. 

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Five strategic principles: 

Kingfisher banners are not the same. This is a strength / They address diverse customer needs, operate different models and will have a clear positioning and plan

Each banner has a clear positioning - and set of priorities

We will ‘power’ these banners as a Group / The role of the Group is to enable our banners to serve their customers better

A clear vision to build customer propositions for the future / E-commerce with stores at the centre, more compact stores, OEB-led differentiation, a mobile-first experience and a compelling services offer are at the heart of this vision

A balanced local-group operating model and agile culture / We will build a culture led by trust. We will adopt a ‘done is better than perfect’ mindset to test and learn. We will lead the industry with our Responsible Business practices

Simpler and leaner / This means doing less, landing it faster, reducing our costs and inventory