Introducing: our new GoodHome bathroom range

At Kingfisher we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a bathroom that’s comfortable and works for all their needs, whatever its size and shape.

That’s why GoodHome, our new international brand, does home improvement in an entirely new way. By thinking of the whole bathroom as a project down to the tiniest detail, we make it easier and affordable to create a functional room that optimises your space, looks good for a long time, and helps reduce water consumption.

We talked to thousands of people about renovating their bathrooms and designed our ranges around seven key areas that solve real problems that customers face:

  • Comfort and smart organisation
  • Saving space
  • Adding storage 
  • Saving water 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Lighting 
  • Warmth and fresh air

Customer Insights: 
We undertook in-depth research into how people use their bathrooms, visiting customers in their homes across Europe. We learnt that it is the smallest (4-7m2) and busiest room in the house; storage is a problem – people typically have around 25 bottles of products; and it’s a challenging project – around 40% of people give up.

Discover more about our bathroom offer in our brochures: 

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